Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Wipeout - The writers on this show are wonderful with how they can develop and expand on a pun.  I always enjoy the puns.  I'm a bit surprised at the theme of the winner getting to date Jill.  The first guy they introduced us to won, and I was rooting for him all along.  I've got a pretty good track record this season, or at least better than usual.

24: Live Another Day - I had suspected we'd get that ending all along.  I was hoping we wouldn't, but I had suspected as much.  And after they showed the coffin, I thought I knew who was in it as well.  Again, hoped I was wrong.  And yet?  Those scenes still packed a wallop.  Never a comedy, never a happy ending, but always a wallop.  I think the hardest scene was the President's monologue at the end.

American Ninja Warrior - They really did kill Kacy's finish with the promos, however, it didn't make it any less fun and amazing to watch.  And I loved how her boyfriend climbed up to celebrate with her.  Talk about a true gentleman.

Royal Pains - I'm surprised they brought the mafia guy back, but obviously he's around for several episodes at this point.  I wonder exactly where they are going with him.  Likewise, I'm wondering where they are going with the sister storyline.  And look at Divya pulling a Hank to save a patient.  I'd really want them on my side if I had a mystery illness.

Covert Affairs - Don't characters realize that when you hide a secret, it only comes back to bite you in the end?  Auggie and Annie are in for it now.  In other news, they got me when that guy came in and attacked Annie, but as soon as we saw him, I knew that the gun would come into play.

Mystery Girls - Well, they finally let us see the pilot.  It wasn't that great an episode, but few pilots truly are.  In this case, it was especially true since they didn't solve a mystery at all!

Suits - That show packs more twists in an hour….  The Donna/Louis plot line really had nothing to do with anything, and yet it was so much fun and really made me smile at the end.  As to the rest, I feel like a broken record, but this is very interesting and getting more interesting all the time.

Graceland - That felt like the lead up to a season finale, or at least a mid-season finale.  The way they played all those cliffhangers was just perfect.  I am very intrigued to see where they will go next week.

Girl Meets World - I absolutely love this show!  Okay, so I really don't see Lucas's reaction at the end being realistic, but it was nice.  Auggy's sub-plot was hysterical, and it was nice to see Topanga get a little more to do.  So many great lines, and a very clean comedy, too.  Well, except for the shaving cream and potatoes, of course.

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