Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ornament Review: Christmas Window #12 - Nina's Nook - 2014 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Good details, especially that tree
Cons: None worth mentioning
The Bottom Line:
Christmas crafts displayed
With a crafty tree outside
Creative design

Crafty Christmas Window

When I first learned that the 2014 entry in Hallmark’s Christmas Window series was going to be Nina's Nook, a craft store, I wasn’t super excited.  After all, I’m a guy.  I avoid craft stores if I can help it.  And yet, it turns out to be a great addition to the series.

Since this year’s entry in the series was sculpted by Nina Aube (hence the name of the store), we get a little girl peaking in the window.  She’s holding a cat in one arm that seems just as interested in the display.  The window is filled with crafty holiday things like a wreath and a snowman.  There's a bowl of beads and a jar of paintbrushes as well.  Inside the store, we can see some of the items for sale like tubes and jars of paint and balls of yarn.

Now here’s the detail that really makes this ornament for me.  Outside the window, next to the little girl, is a small decorative Christmas tree.  However, it looks like it was sown together from pieces of green and red fabric.  It’s just the perfect detail for a craft shop, don’t you think?  I certainly love it.  And the little girl's green jacket and red dress are almost a match for it.  Speaking of outside, there's a red bird sitting on the roof as well.

Not that the rest of the ornament is shabby at all.  There are several fun items in the window that will appeal to crafters and make it look like Christmas.  Some of the items on the shelves under the window in the store are a little hard to figure out (at least for me), but that’s a minor issue.

Like the rest of the series, this ornament has a very flat base.  I will be displaying this in a village like scene with the rest of the series, so that flat bottom is very important to me.  A 12 in a Christmas tree is on the bottom of the ornament since this is the twelfth in the series.  (I’m getting quite the village, aren’t I?)

But if you want to hang the ornament (that is what you do with Christmas ornaments, right?), you’ll find the loop at the top.  Given the nice wide roof (allowing placement anywhere that is needed), it’s not surprising to find that the ornament hangs level.

Since this series has the same basic design every year, I always enjoy seeing the little details that the artists use to make their entries stand out.  For me, that tree makes the 2014 Christmas Window a real treat and I think everyone will enjoy it.

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Box Price: $20.00

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