Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 27th's Weekly TV Thoughts

What happens when you don't spend Friday night at home?  You miss out on talking about your Friday night show, of course.  But here's the rest of what I watched this week.

Rush Hour – I had to watch it on demand with commercials because it was preempted here for a pre-season football game.  And people wonder why I hate sports so much.  But seriously, I am so glad I watched it.  As I hoped, they did a good job of wrapping things up.  Lee found out about his sister and his parents and they took down the bad guys.  I think there were some of the funniest lines of the show in there as well.  It really worked as a series finale, although if it had been a season finale, I certainly would have been back.  I’m glad I gave this show a shot.

American Ninja Warrior – I noticed from the beginning that they usually talk about how they made the first few obstacles harder, but they didn’t think time.  In fact, I think they took out some of the Plexiglas in the giant wheel to make it easier.  And they still didn’t have any finishers.  It proves what I’ve been saying that they are making it too hard these days.

Dead of Summer – Wow!  The show has gotten good.  In a very dark and twisted way, of course.  The twists in this episode were phenomenal, and they all work with what has come before, too.  It’s like a well done mystery with massive horror elements, of course.  Now I’m anxious to see how they resolve everything next week.  They definitely had enough for two episodes, unlike my fears from last week.

Suits – I saw two of the twists coming.  Heck, I called that the witness had died last week.  And I figured at the beginning of this episode that Mike’s nemesis would figure out what he is up to.  But I didn’t see Mike’s deal getting pulled.  That’s going to make things very interesting, especially since Kevin’s about to learn the truth.  I love how the writers still managed to put the characters in more and more of a pickle after all these years.


  1. Mark, I thought the same thing about the Plexiglas in the wheel! But then I thought it must just be me.


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