Friday, August 12, 2016

August 12's Book Beginnings and Friday 56

Welcome to this week's Book Beginnings, Book Beginning, and Friday 56.  Otherwise known as the indecisive edition.  I was trying to decide between two books to feature this week, and I just couldn't do it.  However, one of them didn't have a very good 56, so I'll just featuring the first line.

And the book I'm just featuring the first line from is a middle grade novel, The Stolen Chapters, the second Story Thieves book by James Riley.


This is a book that features real characters jumping in and out of books.  How can a reader not love it?  I certainly have been enjoying this series.  I'll be reviewing this one on Sunday.

And what was the opening line I loved so much?  I'm glad you asked.
Someone was trying to steal Owen's life, and there was nothing Owen could do about it.

Now isn't that a beginning that grabs your attention?

Moving on to the second book for the week, and another book I loved.  This book is Terror in Taffeta by Marla Cooper.

This is a delightfully fun cozy mystery debut featuring a destination wedding planner.  I'll be reviewing it next Thursday as part of a blog tour.

So here's how the book begins:

The sea-foam green bridesmaids' dresses had been a mistake.  Not for the obvious reason - that sea-foam green bridesmaids' dresses are almost always a mistake - but because they added a sickly tinge to Nicole Abernathy's three very hung over bridesmaids.

Now let's jump ahead to page 56.  Kelsey, our main character, has just learned that the police have arrested Zoe Abernathy, sister of the bride and maid of honor, for murder.  She's talking to Zoe's family and says:

"I can't believe they think she did this.  What I don't understand - and if you can talk one at a time that would be super helpful - is why?"
Unsurprisingly, Mrs. Abernathy was the first to jump in.  "They wouldn't tell us!  Can you imagine?"
Actually, I found it pretty easy to imagine, but Mrs. Abernathy wasn't used to dealing with people who didn't have to do her bidding.

I hope this gives you a feel for just how much fun this book is.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  Come back for the review on Thursday.


  1. Both books sound good. This week I'm reading Poisoned Blade by Kate Elliott. Happy reading!

  2. Both books look great! I love the subtitle - The Stolen Chapters. It makes me want to read the book right now! And a book about a destination wedding planner sounds like great fun! I look forward to your review.

  3. Both books look like good reads. The first one, although missing a 56, looks more fun by just a hair. :-) Happy weekend!

  4. Both books look good, especially Story Thieves. Enjoy!

  5. I love the beginning and the 56 for Terror in Taffeta - there's just something about wedding cozy's that make me smile - here's my Friday meme

  6. The story Thieves sounds like one you have to finish right away. One might be afraid to be around books after they read it.


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