Saturday, February 17, 2018

February 17th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, I did watch lots and lots of Olympics, but I'm not going to comment on any of them.  Here are my regular shows that I watched this week.

Legends of Tomorrow – You know, there was a reason I didn’t watch Constantine.  I enjoyed parts of the episode, but overall it wasn’t the best episode of the season.  And why did they include Snart?  He could have just stayed on Earth X for all the good he really did on our Earth.  Trying to help Nora backfired.  So sorry to see that.  And was that a sneak peak into the future of Arrow, or was that referring to when Oliver was arrested in the fall?  The timeline of this show in relation to others is all very confusing at this point.

The Amazing Race – I always hate to see a team go out from losing a passport.  However, I think it was a blessing that it wasn’t a non-elimination leg.  They never would have caught back up.  I was impressed with how she handled it.  She was the strong on, something I didn’t expect at all.  The competitive eaters needed to be there for that eating challenge.  And I hope I don’t have nightmares about it, especially the other team member having to wear the scorpions.  Yikes!  My skin was crawling.  I’m glad Yale was eliminated.  I’m still hoping Big Brother is the final team to go.

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