Saturday, February 3, 2018

February 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, I dropped Black Lightning.  I just didn't feel like watching it this week.  That may change in a couple of weeks, and I'll hit on demand, but for now I'm done with that show.

The Amazing Race (1/24) – I was right – the basketball players weren’t long for the race.  It’s rare that the team that escaped elimination goes home in the next leg, but it happened this time.  The sailing looked rough.  I’d have a slight advantage since I took sailing as a kid, but it’s been a very long time.  I was sorry to see the competitive eaters go before we could have an eating challenge.  I wanted to see them deal with that before they went.

Supergirl – I’ve never watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but I know enough about the show to love Alex’s shout out to the show, especially since the actress was on it for a while.  I’m surprised we haven’t learned anything about Sam yet.  I thought the tests would show something weird.  And really, did we have to discuss Edge being a Republican?  Couldn’t we have known he was a bad guy without bring politics into this?

The Flash – I caught one bad moment of CGI, but that was it in a show that must have taxed their resources.  It was fun having a couple of shrunken characters.  Not sure how I feel about having a mind reader, at least a temporary one.  More importantly, is this something that our villain planned on, or will this be the flaw that manages to bring him down.  And Barry is going to be in a world of trouble now that the wrong people know who he is.

Ellen’s Game of Games – I’m beginning to tire of the show already.  I went through the episode in about half the time.  There are still fun moments, but everyone over reacts to everything, and it gets tiring very quickly.  I’ll stick it out this season, but I may not be back next season.

The Amazing Race – I often find myself rooting for an underdog, so I was hoping that Well Strung would find a way to overcome their U-Turn.  I didn’t hold much hope.  The phone challenge didn’t seem as hard as in the past, but I’m sure that was the editing.  Oh, and why wouldn’t someone hold back until they figured it out before sharing it with the others.  It always bothers me that people get so upset over something like that.

The Librarians – That was weird.  And more than a bit creepy.  It set up a great season finale next week, but I didn’t like this episode by itself.  Frankly, the entire season has been a bit off, probably because we’ve had this tension within the team because there can only be one librarian.  Anyway, I have a feeling next week will resolve my issues (at least I hope so), but for right now this one left me very unsatisfied with things.  Oh, and I’m hoping part of bringing the library back will include resurrecting Jenkins.

The Big Bang Theory – Nothing super surprising in the episode, but I certainly found it amusing.  I honestly feel like that’s the case with much of this season.  It’s not especially original or funny, but it is still amusing and fun to spend time with the characters.  Sheldon being unpredictable was a hoot for sure.  And I liked Leonard’s realization about the character at the end.  Plus the scenes in the book were all very funny.

The Good Place – A disappointing season finale.  I mean, I can see where they will go next season, but it’s not the funniest, and the twist wasn’t the best.  Watching them all come together next season will certainly be interesting.  And yes, seeing Ted Danson behind a bar again was fun.

Arrow – You knew Vincent wasn’t going to be around for long.  They let us like him again so they could kill him off.  I don’t know that they could have been any more obvious about it.  And I’m about ready for the two halves to come back together.  This separation arc was okay as an idea, but the way they are bringing them together each week only to make them madder at each other only serves to make for repetitive TV.  Of course, they will only bring them together with a couple of episodes left in the season.

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