Saturday, December 22, 2018

December 22nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

'Twas the week before Christmas, and TV was light.  Which is a good thing since I wouldn't have had the time to watch much more than this.  However, I think next week will be a first for the Weekly TV Thoughts portion of the blog - no new episodes of anything for me to watch.  Not that I would have the time to watch much anyway with Christmas on Tuesday.

God Friended Me – I’d forgotten what the plot of this episode was going to be until I sat down to watch it.  Packed a real punch.  Again, didn’t really take any twists I wasn’t expecting, but I still thought it was very well done.  A bit surprised Kara didn’t at least keep the job for an episode or two before she decided to come back.  I was expecting some kind of cliffhanger about the account, but I have no idea where they are going to go from here.

Survivor – If it couldn’t be Christian, I’m glad it was Nick.  Honestly, I doubt he would have made it if he hadn’t kept winning.  Great job to the final David.  They could have dominated, but they let themselves get picked apart.  But seriously, starting the final tribal at the 2 hour mark?  Not revealing the winner until almost half an hour left?  I miss the old reunion shows.  (And I know I say that every season.  I’ll keep saying it until they change it.)

Timeless – I’m of two minds about the series finale movie.  It definitely wrapped things up, and I like where they left the characters.  Yes, even Flynn.  However, I also feel like defeating Rittenhouse was a little too easy.  Still, they only had two hours to work with, so I will definitely give them a break.  Overall, I’m very happy with everything.

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