Saturday, December 15, 2018

December 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And here we are.  A big Crossover and a few other shows in a quieter week.

The Flash – I always look forward to the crossover event each year, and it started off well here.  I’m a bit surprised since this almost felt like an episode of The Flash, just with Oliver and Supergirl involved.  It wasn’t the massive event we’ve seen the last couple of years, at least not yet.  Still, it was so much fun with some great lines.  Plus, I loved them including the Smallville theme as we went to the Smallville farm on Earth 38.

God Friended Me – That episode packed a punch.  I do like how they are slowly working on Miles’ relationship with his father.  In fact, I love how close they’ve become again already.  Not surprised that Kara broke up with her ex again.  After all, he is just a guest star.  But if Miles is ready to keep dating his latest, what will that mean for Miles and Kara long term.

Arrow – Yes, definitely more episodic than in previous crossovers.  Still, I’m enjoying it so much.  We really need to have these characters together more often.  Not completely sure I’m sold on Batwoman yet.  We are in serious trouble for the final episode.  Loved the Shakespeare bust and the fact that they had the 1990 Flash being Barry Allen from Earth 90 for his brief cameo this time around.  Superman as villain is not going to be fun, especially since we’ve already seen Kara take him on.  Big question, however.  If Batman is on Earth 1 (aka Barry and Oliver’s Earth) and Kara and Clark are on Earth 36, how are Batman and Superman frienemies?

Legends of Tomorrow – That was a blast!  Not that I was expecting anything else from the preview last week.  Heck, I think that may now be my favorite episode of the season, beating out the one a couple of weeks ago.  Looks like Constantine’s demon is going to cause lots of problems for us going forward, and is Mr. Haywood knowingly working with him?  Anyway, the various “shows” the characters were part of in the various time lines were so funny.  The puppets were probably my favorite, but the Charlie’s Angels spoof was a close second.  And I loved the meta reference to the “annual crossover.”  Legends may not have been part of it this year, but they at least acknowledged it.

The Flash – Once again, Supergirl gets the shaft during the crossover.  I felt like, other than Alex, the rest of the cast had glorified cameos.  Still, there were some very fun moments, and they successfully wrote out Superman for a while again.  Sadly.  I love him.  Lois grew on me in this episode.  And they aren’t hiding what they plan to do for the crossover next year at all, are they?  Loved that at least Gary from Legends got to make a cameo here.  Nice to see one of them show up.

Survivor – Not terribly surprised by the outcome of tonight’s vote.  Sad, however.  I’ve been rooting for Christian all season, and I knew he had a target on his back the last couple of episodes.  Going into tribal with no immunity, I figured he was a goner.

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