Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ornament Review: It's Snowing Sweetness Register to Win Repaint - Christmas Cupcakes #4 - 2013 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Delicious chocolate and white frosting cupcake
Cons: Not quite as pretty as the original version
The Bottom Line:
Blizzard white cupcake
That looks good enough to eat
Wonderful repaint

It’s a Wintry Cupcake Remix

Hallmark loves to release repaints of ornaments – especially series ornaments.  During the July premier event, they released a repaint of the fourth Christmas Cupcake ornament.  But as a twist, you had to win the repaint of It's Snowing Sweetness!  I’m thrilled to say I won!

The basic cupcake idea remains the same.  You've got a cupcake, frosting, and a snowflake on top.  Of course, it should look basically the same since this is a repaint, not a new sculpt.

Naturally, it is the colors that are different.  The cupcake itself is chocolate and it is topped with white frosting.  The cupcake wrapper is silver.  The snowflake on the top of the cupcake stayed white, but that’s the only thing that stayed the same between the two.  Well, there are the large flakes of glitter, and they actually show up better on the chocolate than they do on the vanilla of the original.

I’m torn as to which I liked better.  The original looked amazing with its combination of white and light blue.  That mix certainly makes it seem like a winter storm.  This one doesn’t look quite as wintry even though the white could be snow.  However, I’m a bigger fan of chocolate with white frosting on my real life cupcakes, so this one looks more delicious to me.

How to decide, how to decide?

Because this one is more themed to winter than Christmas (not a complaint), you might want to leave it out all winter.  That should be easy to do since the base of the cupcake is nice and flat (just like a real cupcake).

But if you are looking to hang it on your tree, you’ll find the hook in the top of the snowflake.  This is the first time the series has featured a hook, but since the snowflake is plastic sticking out of the felt cupcake, it makes sense they can do it this time.  Anyway, the cupcake hangs straight.

I’ve heard that the repaints Hallmark does don’t always have the series markers on them, but so far I’ve managed to find it on all the ones I’ve gotten.  This one is no exception – the 4 in a Christmas tree is right there on the bottom since this is a repaint of the fourth in the series.

Completest that I am, I’m thrilled to have this cupcake.  I probably wouldn’t have worked too hard to track it down if I didn’t win it, but since I won it, I don’t have to decide.  Now I can enjoy switching off the look of the original for the It's Snowing Sweetness! Repaint as I feel like it.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Christmas Cupcakes series.

Original Price: Free for winning a drawing – Series price usually $9.95

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