Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for November 9th

The Amazing Race – Second week in a row I was sorry with how got eliminated.  Not too surprised those guys didn’t got the distance, but I was rooting for them.  That road block was absolutely impossible, however.  It really wasn’t a fair one at all.  That’s why I was hoping for a non-elimination leg.  We’re about due for one anyway, aren’t we?

Dancing with the Stars – Another great dancer gone.  Obviously, the fan base is coming into play at this point.  But how long with that keep the lower dancers around?  They are on borrowed time, and I think they know it.

Survivor – This is the first time in a long time I really wasn’t sure what would happen at tribal.  There were so many possibilities.  Now it will be interesting to see what happens next with alliances and redemption island.  Will things fall into place or will we get more unpredictability

Arrow – I really do hope that Sarah/Canary has left and she doesn’t die.  That wasn’t something I was looking forward to when we found out who she was.  The character development last night was awesome.  So many great moments and so many plot elements moved forward.  Where do we go next?

The Big Bang Theory – Bob Newhart was great this time, and the scene with Bill Nye was pretty funny as well.  Poor Raj at the end.  How can he not hear himself?

The Crazy Ones – You pretty much knew where this episode was going early on.  In fact, I thought they were already working on it when Sydney heard the "Calypso" version of the song.  Still, it was fairly funny.  Much better than last week's episode.

The Michael J. Fox Show – This may be my favorite episode to date.  The humor just really gelled for me, and I was laughing quite a bit.  Yet the characters and their relationships are what keep me coming back.  I just love how much they truly do care for each other.

White Collar – It was nice to see Peter and Neal working together again, but the outcome of the case was too easy.  And I don't like Neal deciding he's going to be his own master again.  That won't end well.

Covert Affairs – At least we did move the story forward.  And I'd forgotten Joan didn't know Annie had faked her death.  Two episodes left.  They'd better be done with Henry by then.

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