Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekly TV Thoughts for November 30th

I'm a couple of programs short this week thanks to Thanksgiving since I'm out of town.  And next week will be all messed up as well.  But here's what I did get watched that I haven't already blogged about.

The Amazing Race – That’s what happens when you don’t read the entire clue.  Not that I wanted to see that team leave, but I wasn’t surprised when it happened.  Sad, but not surprised.  And the doctor at the roadblock?  There’s a difference between trying to get help from someone, voluntary or not, and outright lying.  Although really, should she be surprised they reacted that way?  At least their friends did help.

Dancing with the Stars – I know I’ve been hard on Bill for weeks now, but I’m glad we got to see his freestyle.  It was just pure fun.  Yes, the others were remarkably better, and the judges were right in their scoring, but his dance was still worth seeing.  I almost called Amber as the winner early on.  Derek always seems to win if he has a half way decent partner.  It really would be nice to see that spread around a bit more, however.  Still, I can't take anything away from her.  She was a great dancer.

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