Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29ths Weekly TV Thoughts

The Amazing Race - While I wasn't sorry to see Luke and Margie go, I do often feel sorry for teams that wind up so far behind everyone else they have no chance of catching up.  Still, if it had to happen to one team, I'm glad it was them since it means they are off my TV now.

Dancing with the Stars - Double elimination in the first week?  Yeah, not really fair in my opinion.  Boy the Star Wars fans must be voting in force for Bill Dee to have stayed.  The man is nice enough, but he has very little in the way of dancing skills.

Melissa & Joey - I saw that break up coming.  Never leave anything open on your computer you don't want seen.  I really did like that girlfriend, too.

Survivor - I get the urge to quit.  I really do.  I'm sure I would feel that way as well.  But I'm sure quitting is something I would regret for the rest of my life.  And I can't imagine quitting because you didn't get your way at tribal.  That's what the gal did.  Sorry, but didn't help yourself at all.  Meanwhile, I really hate that police officer.  I hope his lying cheating ways come back to bite him - hard.

Arrow - It took me a minute to remember who this was we were fighting this week, but I liked the outcome of the episode.  Laurel is definitely in a much better place now.  Must be about time for Sara to die (unfortunately).  They are talking about a major event this next week after all.

Psych - As much as I hated last week's episode?  I LOVED the finale.  Humor without being over the top.  Great shout outs to fans.  The proposal was especially funny.  But the quick shout out to Monk was the best part, in my opinion.

Suits - I like this arc they're giving Mike.  And his job offer took me by surprise.  Obviously, he can't take it or the show will be over, but he should.  So where are they going to go with this?

Enlisted - Not one of their better episodes.  There were definitely laughs, but the poo ray?  Not really my cup of laughs.  And did they get a new member without telling us?  I really wish they'd air these in the order written.

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