Friday, March 7, 2014

TV Recap: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1-9 - Nothing to Fear

I never did have the number of episodes order for Wonderland completely figured out, but it appears that it is going to have a 13 episode run.  At least IMDB is only listed 13 episodes at this point, and the last episode is entitled “And They All Lived….”  That means, after last night, we’ve only got four episodes to wrap things up as much as they are going to wrap things up.

However, last night I figured out how they will end the series.  More on that later.  For now, let’s get into the action.

No flashback, all events occur in current time.  And let’s start with Knave.  He’s floating down the river in his brand new home – the genie bottle.  The bottle finds a shore, and who should rub it but his old friend Elizabeth, my friends call me “Lizard.”  He tries to walk away but is pulled back.  Yep, he’s a genie alright.  And Lizard now has three wishes coming.  She uses the first to give Knave a day of his own to enjoy including drink and villagers who enjoy spending time with him.  Then, that night, the second wish gets used to make the man of her dreams notice her.  She’s suddenly a knock out in a gorgeous dress and fireworks are going off outside.

What Knave missed is that he is the one she is interested in.  But when he does realize this, he is upset and sorry, telling her that, “My heart belongs to someone else.”  And she says, “I wish you would feel something for me.”  Yes, her third wish.  And it kills her.  He know feels very sorry.

Let’s switch over to Alice and Cyrus whose reunion is cut short by the fact that the Red Queen is still with them.  But she insists she’s changed and given up her throne for Knave.  Their mission is to chase down his bottle and then get the heck out of Wonderland before Jafar catches them.  They are following the stream when Queen suddenly vanishes from behind them.  Cyrus finds a torn piece of her dress and enchants it (he knows magic outside of being a genie).  It leads them to a village.

The villagers are happy to have Queen in their power since she did nothing to help them when she had power.  Cyrus and Alice try to step in to save her and just wind up getting captured as well.  As night falls, the fearsome beasts in the area start to close in for their meal.  They are drawn to light, and the trio is being held prisoner and lit up.  However, the lights are just barely within reach, and they are able to snuff some of them out.  Then Alice’s necklace (the one from Cyrus) starts to glow.  Alice reluctantly uses that to distract the monsters and the three of them escape.

Alice is very upset about losing that necklace, but then Cyrus proposes.

The trio spots the fireworks going off outside of a nearby village and figure it is the work of a genie.  They head there and split up to try to find the bottle.  Queen is the first to find it next to the body of Lizard.  They meet up, their mission fulfilled.  Time to find the Rabbit and leave, right?

Only before they can, Queen explains about Jafar wanting to unite the power of the three genies and Cyrus starts asking about their bottles.  Turns out those genies are his brothers.  He lost track of them after the trio were forced to become genies, and now he wants to rescue them.  Alice is immediately in.  Knave assumes he and Queen will be leaving, but she surprises everyone by announcing they are staying.

And what about Jafar?  He hears from the Caterpillar about the fearsome creature known as the Jabberwocky.  Despite all warnings to the contrary, he insists on getting this creature on his side.  He reattaches Tweedle to his head in order to get that help and kills the guard when the guard refuses to stand down.

When he finally gets to the Jabberwocky’s prison, he hears a voice that is promising to get inside his head and do “make you mine.”  This is in addition to the bodies around the floor.  Still, when he sees the Jabberwocky pinned to the ceiling of the cell by a sword, he removes the sword and sets her free.  That’s right, this fearsome creature (second time I’ve used that phrase in my recap), is a beautiful woman.  She asks for the sword, and he refuses.  She starts pulling out his memories of his father trying to drown him as a kid, and the results are he almost drowns again without any water (or at least that’s what it looked like).  Still, the two leave the cell as partners, although Jafar might now be the underdog in his new partnership.

Okay, he is definitely the underdog in his new partnership.

So, what’s ahead?  And my prediction on how it will end?

Red Queen is going to spend these final four episodes redeeming herself and making the rest of the characters like her.  At this point, I do believe she has changed unless shown evidence to the contrary (which could always happen, of course).

But how will we defeat Jafar?  Easy.  The same way that he was defeated in the movie.  Somehow, they will trick him (or he will be tricked) into becoming the genie in Knave’s place.  That would open the door for everyone to have a happy ending.  Of course, not everyone might be headed for a happy ending, but my prediction at the moment.

Now, we’ll see if I’m right in the final four episodes.


  1. I almost forgot that this series was back! Good thing I remembered and recorded it. But I was kind of bored through much of it. I still can't figure out why Lizards final wish killed her. But oh well. Jaberwocky is interesting and especially the way she was pinned to the ceiling.

    I guess I'm kind of glad there are only a few more episodes left. For whatever reason this series just does not excite me like Once Upon A Time does. Production values are for sure not the same.

    I like your theory for how this will all end. Makes perfect sense to me!

    1. I'm enjoying the show, but I won't miss it when it is gone either.

      I'm not completely sure why Lizard had to die for Knave to feel something for her other than "Magic always comes with a price" and "Wishes have consequences." It does seem like lazy plotting to me, but as soon as she said that, I knew what was going to happen.