Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cookie Review: Keebler Mint Creme Middles

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Delicious mix of chocolate and mint
Cons: Great taste means lots of calories

The Bottom Line:
Chocolate and mint
Perfectly blended cookie
I can't eat just one

Chocolate.  Mint.  Cookie.  What More do You Need?

When I stumbled on Keebler's Mint Creme Middles last year, I couldn't resist giving them a try.  But I sort of wish I had since I just keep buying these delicious cookies.

They are pretty much what they sound like.  The base of the cookie is chocolate.  According to the packaging, it's chocolate graham.  All I know?  It looks and tastes like solid chocolate to me.  There is a more fudge like coating around the outside bottom of the cookie.  Then there's the mint filling of the hollow spot in the middle top of the cookie.  It's colored mint green, too.  Finally, a little more chocolate is drizzled on the top.

And these cookies are pure deliciousness.  Who doesn't love chocolate mint?  If you do, you'll like these cookies.  The mint is strong enough to be noticed without taking anything away from the chocolate.

Actually, these really remind me of the Girl Scout's Thin Mint cookies in taste.  So if you are looking for a substitute for them during the year, here are some cookies to check out.

The cookies are roughly the size of two quarters each, and there are 30 per package.  Every three cookies has 130 calories, almost half from fat.  So one or two aren't horrid for your waistline.  But do you have the self-control to only eat one or two?  Nutrients?  These are cookies - don't make me laugh.

Likewise, don't look at the ingredients.  The few you will recognize are the usual suspects of sugar, enriched flour, and vegetable oil, etc.  This is definitely a case where ignorance is bliss.

Because you don't want to know that kind of stuff.  You just want to enjoy the bliss of the chocolate mint flavor in your mouth.  And if you do want a chocolate mint cookie, I can't think of a better one that Keebler's Mint Creme Middles.