Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 31st's Weekly TV Thoughts

We are in that two week break between the regular season ending and my USA Network shows coming back.  How can you tell?  By how few comments I have below.

American Ninja Warrior - I always enjoy watching these athletes attempt to complete the course.  Honestly, I can't imagine working all year to have your shot taken away with just one slip up.  I know I'd be beating myself up about it.  Anyway, the course is hard, but it was nice seeing some of the familiar faces make it through.  Their dedication is inspiring and challenging at the same time.

24: Live Another Day - A bit slower, giving us time for character development, but we still had plenty of time for tension.  I can't believe how stupid the son-in-law was.  If you are going against someone as ruthless as the villain, don't leave your post.  So nice to see Kate and Chloe working together even without Jack around.  And speaking of Jack, that scene between he and Audrey was so powerful.  See, not as much action, but still so compelling to watch.

Melissa & Joey - You know, I completely didn't recognize Matthew Lawrence in that episode.  Why was that?  Overall, I enjoyed them bringing back a couple of characters from the past.  I'm wondering how Ryder's career path will wind up working out for him.

See what I mean?

What about you?  Leave your thoughts on what you watched in the comments or leave me a link to your blog.  I'd love to read about it.


  1. My husband loves American Ninja Warrior too!

    Here's My Weekly TV Thoughts

  2. I've gotten behind on Melissa & Joey. I hadn't realized it had started up again. I'll have to see what I can catch up with On Demand.

    I have started watching my Castle DVDs again. I'm up to season 3 now.

    1. They started up again in March or April maybe it was?

      Wow, you are powering through the Castle DVDs!

  3. If it was late March to early April, then that would explain why I missed it starting up again. Work was crazy busy then.

    Yes I am. :) Once I start one of my marathons, I tend to do that. Season 4 episode 21 - Headhunters - now. I'm thinking I'll read my Nikki Heat books again once I'm done with the DVDs..and episodes on the DVR.