Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ornament Review: The Little Window-Shoppers - 2008 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Rich detail makes the scene come to life.
Cons: Tips toward the tree side
The Bottom Line:
Enjoying display
Of a decorated tree
In Hallmark window

Window Shopping by a Decked Out Hallmark Store

One tradition I love with Hallmark ornaments is the event piece.  These are a combined work of all the Hallmark artists.  Each works on a specific part that comes together to make a whole.  These are slightly bigger than most Hallmark ornaments and definitely more expensive, but they are also cute, creative, and fun.

In 2008, the artist event piece was The Little Window-Shoppers.  While not officially part of the series, it certainly fits in with the Christmas Windows series of ornaments.  Again, it's bigger, and it's so much fun.

Like the others in the series, it features two kids looking through a window.  In this case, they are looking into a Hallmark store.  No, you won't find rows of cards.  Instead, you'll find a giant Christmas tree with decorations on it.  There's even a train going around the track under the tree and wrapped boxes are part of the display as well.  On the outside, there's a boy and a girl looking through the window.  Next to them is a purple Hallmark bag with a couple of small boxes in it.  They are under an awning with some festive garland also outlining the window.  And how do we know this is a Hallmark store?  Because Hallmark Gold Crown is embossed on the window in their distinctive font.

Currently, the event pieces are themed around items in the Claus's house, which are fun, and I'm really enjoying.  However, one thing I really like about this particular ornament is that some of the artists were able to put in touches related to things they are known for.  Nina Aube and Tammy Haddix, who do the official Christmas Windows ornaments that inspired this piece, sculpted the kids.  Don Palmiter created the houses and shops on a display above the window of the store, and he designed them after ornaments in his popular Nostalgic Houses and Shops series.  Kris Kline-Gaughran has an unofficial series of penguin ornaments going, and the penguin ornament on the tree definitely looks like one of her creations.  Ken Crow even got to design the train under the tree.

And yet, with each artist designing certain elements, things still come together for a nice overall ornament.  All it means is the detail is present in spades, so this is an ornament you can enjoy looking at for hours.

Since the ornament covers outside the window (the kids) and inside the window (the tree), it's hardly surprising that this ornament has a nice flat base.  I find I enjoy setting this one out under my tree every year.

Yes, you can hang the ornament, but you should know that it is heavy.  You'll definitely want to find a nice, sturdy branch to use to make sure it doesn't fall part way through December.  The little brass ring is located at the top of the window's arch.  Since the window is slightly off center in the ornament, it's not that surprising that the ornament tips slightly back toward the side of things.  It's not too bad, but it is noticeable.

Even with the tip, this is a work of art.  Whether you collect the Christmas Windows series or not, you'll be proud to have The Little Window-Shoppers decorating your house for Christmas.

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Original Price: $28.00

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