Thursday, June 26, 2014

Music Review: Love & the Outcome by Love & the Outcome

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Some fun tracks with good lyrics
Cons: Needs more variety stylistically and more depth to some lyrics
The Bottom Line:
Not a bad debut
Noticeable weaknesses
Bet they build from here

Good Debut, But Needs Some Maturity

Thanks to a sample I got last fall, I decided to give a couple of new artists a try.  One of these was Love & the Outcome.  I'd love to say their debut lived up to the promise of the couple of songs I liked, but it didn't quite grab me.

Love & the Outcome is the pop/rock husband/wife duo of Jodi King and Chris Rademaker.  They both sing, although Jodi does all the lead vocals.  Jodi also plays the keyboard and Chris plays bass.

Unfortunately, the disc suffers from a couple of issues.  The first is that the songs all sound similar.  There's a mid to up tempo beat to them, and similar enough melodies that the songs can begin to blend together.  There's a difference between having a signature sound and sounding too much alike, and they haven't quite found it yet.

Another issue is the lyrics.  Some of the songs are quite good.  Some of them are just okay.  On songs like "The Story Your Building in Me," I felt like asking what is the point of the song.  I realize that's harsh since it is a biographical song.  Then there's "Ask" looks at prayer but sounds all too familiar.

With both of these issues, it's a matter of needing a few years yet to mature.  There is promise here, but I don't think Jodi and Chris have quite reached the peak of their creative powers yet.

And I say that because I do definitely see some promise in some of the songs.  Not that there's anything new or different with "When We Love," but it is so bouncy and upbeat you can't help but enjoy the music.  And, while the lyrics don't dive too deep, it is a good reminder that we need to love others.

The first single is another good track.  "He Is with Us" is a soft rock anthem that reminds us to trust God in the hard times.  Again, I wouldn't say it's terribly original, but it is fun.  Same with the next track which talks about the desire to hear more directly from God.  Still, after looking at the way He still works around us, there's "No Mistaking (It's You)."

"Heart Like You" is one of the slower tracks.  The lyrics are some of the best as they pray for a heart like God's.  After the quiet first verse, the chorus does build in tempo and intensity, and it sounds really nice.

The disc closes out with "What a Promise," which looks at God's promise to never leave.  Again, it starts out slow but builds for the choruses, and I love the reminders in the lyrics.

As you can see, these songs aren't all bad.  Given a few years, I think that Love & the Outcome could become a great duo.  They just need a little time to build up to it.

CD Length: 40:30
1. When We Love
2. He is With Us
3. No Mistaking (It's You)
4. City of God
5. Ask
6. The Story You're Building in Me
7. Closer to You
8. Bring Us Back
9. King of My Heart
10. Heart Like You
11. What a Promise

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