Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekly TV Thoughts: June 28

It's that time of the week again.  Summer shows are now in full swing, so it's been a busy TV week.

As always, leave your thoughts on these or any other show in the comments or leave me a link to your blog where you talk about what you watched this week.

And while I don't come out and say it, there is a spoiler that is fairly obvious below.  You've been warned.

Enlisted - I can't believe that's it.  I'm so bummed the show is over.  It went out with some great laughs and the most touching scene at the end ever.  Yet, as always, their touching moments rang true.  (And I knew Lori would show up.  But when she did made it even more special.)

Wipeout - You know, some of those new obstacles seem a little easy for the show.  Not that I'm volunteering to be on the show, of course.  I like my body exactly how it is.  Have to give props to the brother with the injured knee, however.  He was strong after that injury.  Easy to root for him at that point.

24: Live Another Day - So I was right in my rambling last week - we didn't get a silent clock at the end of the episode and it was a clue.  Great twist, however, I love it.  I'm a bit surprised they changed focus like this.  Oh, we've often had a "big bad" we didn't know was the big bad at the beginning, but this didn't feel like one of those stories.  However, I've very curious to see how this all plays out.  And poor Chloe getting caught on the wrong side of all of this.

American Ninja Warrior - Third woman, and a rookie this time.  It didn't seem like there were quite as many people finishing overall.  I wonder if it was the cold, the altitude, or both.  I know going to that altitude would certainly be hard on me.

Royal Pains - I knew that husband wasn't up to anything bad from the conversation we overheard when Hank went all doctor near him.  And I was wondering about her name on the door, too.  Nice twist there, still.  As to this new half-sister, I was wondering exactly what Evan was before he said it - is she to be trusted or is she in for the long con?

Covert Affairs - So many balls in the air.  Obviously, there's our new big story with the terrorists, but it looks like Annie is suffering some PTSD.  And Calder is with a prostitute, I have a feeling.  Who is this new guy with his eye on Annie?  So many interesting places to go from here.  Yet I knew what was happening as soon as we saw the sister outside the building.  So sad.  So hard to watch.

Mystery Girls - Speaking of so hard to watch….  I wanted to like it.  I might give it another week, but I might not.  That was just painful.  Jennie was okay, but Tori was over acting something awful and most of the lines fell flat.  The idea should have been so much funnier.  And seriously, why not start with the pilot that sets things up?  That would make so much more sense than to air it as episode 4 or 5, whenever they are going to actually air it.

Suits - Amazing.  Mike being on the other side is just as riveting as any client, except I'm rooting for both sides.  I love watching how everyone is fighting, too.  They are trying to get what they want without being quite as ruthless as they would normally be.  I really don't see how they can resolve this, but I will watch every second.  Oh, and that scene between Harvey and Rachel at the end?  Brilliant!

Graceland - I don't really have much to say this time around.  Not a bad episode, but nothing really stood out to me either.  Advancing stories but not too much advancement for all the characters.  Of course, the new guy was gone, but that wasn't a surprise.  I mean, he's only a guest star.

Girl Meets World - Two sitcoms premiered this week starring 90's TV stars, and this was by far the better one.  Some truly funny lines and situations.  Yes, a bit corny.  Yes, a bit cheesy.  But it did have some real heart and real fun.  Plus the nods to the first show were wonderful.  I will definitely be back for more.

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