Sunday, June 29, 2014

Reading Challenge: Summer Reading Challenge

I know, I know.  I swore I wasn't going to join any reading challenges during the summer, but From Left to Write's Summer Reading Challenge is too easy and too fun to pass up.

The idea behind it?  Read 15 minutes a day.  Every day between June 26th and July 24th.

See, that's too easy to pass up.  And even though I'm joining three days late, so far I've done it.  The only catch will be weekends, but with this challenge, I'm sure I can make that goal.  If not, I do make up for it on weekdays when I read on my lunch hour.

How about you?  Come join the fun.


  1. 15 minutes a day? I think I could do that!

    Good luck!

    1. I don't think I mentioned that it is on average. So if you miss one day but read 30 minutes the next, you're good. I'm already ahead going into the week at this point, and I'm hoping to get at least another half hour in today just because I want to get further in my book.