Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15th's Weekly TV Recap

Wow.  Only four shows this week, and I know two of them are winding down before the month is over.  Kind of hard to believe it's the end of summer already, isn't it?  Wait, we're only half way through August.  Let's not rush things too much.

America Ninja Warrior – Only two finishers.  I would have definitely failed at the monkey bars.  I can’t do monkey bars, much less floating monkey bars.  Okay, fine, I would have failed long before that, but still, I had to laugh when I saw that new obstacle.

Scream – I couldn’t believe it when they found Will and he wasn’t already dead.  And the killer there and everyone made it out of the bowling alley.  Then they got me with that final scene.  And for Emma to cause it (indirectly) and see it.  Oh man, next week is going to be brutal.

Suits – I’d like to change my answer on the cliffhanger.  Someone else is going to learn Mike’s secret, and this person will be turning him in as the episode fades to black.  This s not going to be good.  Having said that, it’s an amazing season with some much great tension going on.

Girl Meets World – I didn’t figure out who Jack was until much before they told us (as in why he was visiting Eric).  But seriously, what are they doing with Riley and Lucas?  I like them together.  They just need to create a better character for Lucas.  Don’t write him off the show in favor of another love.  And Maya needs a different love interest.  Oh, and I could have lived without that tag.

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