Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 16th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Right now, I'm hoping that none of next year's shows appeal to me.  I'm at my TV limit right now.

Once Upon a Time – I am loving what they are doing with Belle and Gold right now.  They are having conversations where both of them are right, and it seems to be growing the characters.  I need to take back my worries that Gold becoming the Dark One again would be pointless and repetitive.  Why did I ever lose faith in the writers?  Of course, I’m dying to know what Ruby is doing down in Hades.  Is she dead?  Did that storm bring her (which is my guess)?  How?  Why?

Supergirl – Is it next week yet?  I mean, how many cliffhangers did they leave us with?  I don’t see how they can resolve any of them in one hour, much less most of them.  It is going to be a wild ride next week, and I already can’t wait.

Dancing with the Stars – Once again, Disney night was pure magic (although what was up with that version of “Circle of Life?”)  Sad to see Marla go, and I think Doug should be next.  Nyle’s ability to dance so well while deaf is just blowing me away.  And considering how much of the dance they were doing side by side this week, I’m doubly impressed.

Castle – Definitely one of the more fun episodes of the season.  I always love Castle’s wild theories and how they play on them.  Although Ryan and Jenny can’t seem to have good luck with having their kids.  This was dramatic, but nothing like when he was trapped when their daughter was born.

Agents of SHIELD – I’m in it until the season ends because I want to see them defeat “Ward” once and for all.  But then I’m out of there.  And if they don’t defeat Ward?  I’m still so out of there.  Seriously, Ward has become the Sylar (from Heroes) of this series and should have been defeated by the end of season 2 at the latest.  It’s clear the writers feel the need to keep him around but don’t really know what to do with him, and that devotion to the character/actor is hurting the show.  Honestly, I don’t get why since he isn’t the big breakout star that Sylar was.

Survivor – Debbie’s gone!!!  And there is much rejoicing around here.  She was so obnoxious and arrogant.  I’m glad that others saw through her and got rid of her when they did.  And does this mean the women’s alliance is in trouble?  Not that I’m rooting for the guys.  At first, I thought their antics might be funny, but I was cringing through most of the episode since they were being such poor sports.  That’s not how you change minds, it’s just going to make everyone else agree you need to go.

Legends of Tomorrow – I haven’t watched a lot of Westerns, but I still found that lots of fun.  And they still managed to advance things a little bit, especially for Hawkgirl.  But next week looks incredible.  Can’t wait for it.

The Odd Couple – So neither storyline was exactly original or surprising.  Although I did find them both fun.  The best line?  Definitely the last line of the episode.

Rush Hour – I’m finding this show fun.  It’s not terribly original, especially for a CBS procedural, but it’s fun.  Wendie Malick doesn’t quite seem to fit in, however.  It’s not that she’s bad, but I can’t picture the few times I’ve seen her doing other things out of my head to picture her as a police captain.  Enjoy her scenes, but they somehow seem to be out of something non-related to the rest of the episode.

Amazing Race – Again?  Not only are the rest of the teams going to be sorry to still see them, I’m sorry to still see them.  It’s not that they are a bad team, but they are obviously the weak link.  Why prolong the agony?  Let’s get them out and get it over with.  Meanwhile, the slide was making my heart race from the couch.  Yes, I could do it if I were in that situation (I’ve done some scary slides before but nothing like that), but seriously, that was crazy!

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