Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on what I watched this week.

Once Upon a Time – Considering what we knew about Hook’s brother, this definitely put a different spin on him and gave Hook the courage he needed to take the next step.  But those last few seconds?  Did not see that twist coming.  I’m very anxious to see where they are going with this latest connection.

Dancing with the Stars – There are a few standouts, but almost everyone is within a point or two of each other.  That will make the person who is eliminated hard to predict if this keeps up.  Not that this week was that hard to predict.  Geraldo deserved to go.  I give him props for coming out and actually trying, but this is a dance competition and he was the weakest out there two weeks in a row.

Supergirl – Wow was that fun.  I laughed so many times, and I found the character development they did for the regular characters to be wonderful.  About the only thing I didn’t like was that Barry (and Oliver) are from a different Earth than the Supergirl characters.  Considering they are all friends in the comics, I wish this were the case for the TV universe, but as long as we have the potential for more great crossovers, I’m all for it.

The Flash – So there was a little bit of the distortion of time travel in this one, but they really don’t seem to worry about the consequences of time travel too much.  Still, a very fun episode, and seeing Eddie again was so moving.  That had some of the best emotion they’ve had this season, too, along with the laughs when the two Barrys faced off near the end.

Agents of SHIELD – Among my problems with this show is the predictable character development.  Okay, so many shows fall into the clichés, but this one seems to live for them.  This episode was the perfect example as everything fell into the predictable lines.  I want to like this show.  Really, I do.  They just make it so difficult for me.

Arrow – Felicity didn’t come back in this episode.  I really thought she might.  And it looks like next week is the big death, which they are trying to make us think will be Diggle at this point.  I almost don’t want to watch.  Really, truly dreading it.  Wasn’t this season supposed to be lighter?

Survivor – Infection is nothing to play around with.  And yikes the players are getting messed up.  Always sorry to see someone go this way, but I hope he gets better as a result.

Legends of Tomorrow – I knew Heatwave would show back up, and I suspected where they were going before the big reveal.  I can’t wait to see where they go with his character now.  Much better episode with better character stuff.  Didn’t do much to advance the overall story, but still a very fun hour of TV.

The Big Bang Theory – The ending of the main story seemed a little anti-climactic to me.  I appreciated that it wasn’t expected, but it also didn’t pack the laughs I expected.  Sheldon and Amy’s story was sweet, however.  Not as strong as the set up could have made it, but enjoyable.

Rush Hour – It’s been years since I saw the movie, but I’ve heard this pretty much mimicked the plot of the movie it was based on.  I can understand that since it really is a TV version of the film.  The real test will be how the show continues from here.  It’s not a must see for me yet, but I’ll definitely give next week a shot.

Amazing Race – That may be the first time they’ve let us know the teams were still racing at the end of the leg.  Of course, they did it for the dramatic moment of the mother/son arriving last after she spent so much time turning the oil filter the wrong way.  I can’t say too much because that would probably be me.  Just glad my boys got the express pass.


  1. I missed Rush Hour. We were having severe weather and the entire program was pre-empted. Luckily it repeats tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to catch it then.

    DWTS - was pleased with Doug's progress, although I didn't really care all that much for his dance.

    1. Glad you survived the weather. Hope you enjoy.

      I really think it will be an interesting season this year on DWTS.

  2. I recorded Rush Hour but missed it because we were having weather issues. I'm looking forward to watching it.

    I'm enjoying this season of Dancing with the Stars. I like that there's no clear standout like there's been in the last few. Everyone is pretty good but like you said right together. I'm thinking Mischa Barton is going next.

    1. Yikes with the weather. I didn't watch until Friday night because I was at an author event myself, but that's much more fun.

      I can't remember who Mischa is right now, but we'll find out if you are correct Monday night, I guess.