Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 9th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Here's my weekly TV thoughts for the week.  But major warning - there are spoilers below for this week's Arrow.  If you haven't watched it yet (it did air Wednesday), don't read on.

Seriously, don't blame me if you get spoiled at this point.

Once Upon a Time – I’m trying to figure out if Hades ever loved Zelena or if he was using her the entire time.  I definitely think he is in modern times.  Heck, I think the entire thing about why the Underworld looks like Storybrooke is a lie to get her to fall for him again.  I was so pleased with Belle’s reaction to the news from Gold, although he has a good point about her falling in love with his beast as well.  They are going to have some interesting interactions in the weeks to come.

Dancing with the Stars – They definitely save the best two performances for last.  The National Anthem?  I had goosebumps.  Absolutely amazing?  And that final dance from a deaf man?  If I didn’t know, I never would have known.  The elimination was a fairly easy and obvious choice, but it will be interesting to see who is next since the remaining couples are within four points of each other (if I’m remembering scores correctly).

Castle – A very good Esposito episode.  I suspected he was being played, but I was so hoping he wasn’t.  But I loved watching him reacting to things.  And the subplot involving Lucy and Linus (Peanuts reference anyone?) the AI Castle had in his home was so funny.  So glad Beckett is back where she belongs.

Agents of SHIELD – So we spent all episode trying to avoid the flash forward only to fall completely into place but for different reasons than we thought originally.  I don’t know, none of it quite seemed cool enough to me to make it worth watching.  Seriously, I’m going to stop watching this show any week now.

Arrow – (Seriously, Major Spoilers Ahead!) I had Lance right, just the wrong Lance.  I was so sure it was Captain Lance all season that I’m going to have to wrap my head around it being Laurel.  Heck, I’d already mentally said goodbye to the Captain.  I know this majorly messes with the comics, but I think they’d already done that this season over on The Flash, too.  Either way, I hope the story from here justifies it.  I always hate it when a character dies.

Survivor – I’m trying to think if there has ever been someone to not go to tribal until after the merge before.  And then to be voted out your first time there.  Ouch!  But Nick was annoying me.  Not as much as Debbie.  I really, really want to see Debbie gone.  She’s actually just as arrogant, she just hides it much much better.

Legends of Tomorrow – I knew that sounded too easy.  There is no way that even kidnapping one little kid would change the timeline so much.  It would end the show, after all.  I’m hoping they have a plan to extend the show next year or it will just be boring if we are after the same villain with no hopes of stopping him.  Anyway, I loved so many parts of it, like them picking teams.  And that cliffhanger ending?  I sense some serious trouble in our future.

Big Bang Theory – Not that I didn’t enjoy the drinking game revelations (those kind of things are always fun), but I think I would have enjoyed seeing Sheldon experiencing the great outdoors a bit more.  On the other hand, Raj as the overinvolved friend was so funny.  And such a sweet moment between the parents to be (until Raj jumped in, of course).

The Odd Couple – I’m glad the show is back.  It’s not the best sitcom ever, but I certainly had fun with it this week.  A smile and a few laughs and a pleasant way to pass 22 minutes.

Rush Hour – The American cop talks too much.  Still, it was fun with good action, a few good laughs, and a twist or two to the story.  My expectations aren’t high, but they are meeting them and I’m having fun.  As if I needed another new show to watch.

Amazing Race – If he hadn’t grab the wrong bag and had to go back, they might have had the lead they needed to win.  Ouch!  Team Ultimate is in third, but that’s okay.  They don’t need to win every leg, and they are definitely still going strong.


  1. The elimination this week on Dancing with the Stars was definitely predictable but I have no idea who it will be next week. I really like them all! I thought The Big Bang Theory was a missed opportunity though it was funny. Sheldon on a hike would've been hilarious!

    1. I think this season of Dancing with the Stars is going to be unpredictable and provide a few shocks along the way. I can't wait to watch it unfold.