Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ornament Review: Season's Treatings #7 - Tree Cookie Stack - 2015 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Creative and fun display of festive cookies
Cons: Tip doesn’t work as well as it does in others in the series
The Bottom Line:
Creative stacking
Turns cookies into a tree
Standout ornament

The Presentation of These Cookies is the Real Star

So far, the most popular entries in the Season’s Treatings series from Hallmark have both involved cookies.  There was the first year, which featured sugar cookies on a baking sheet.  And we’ve returned to cookies for the 2015 entry, but this time they are on a plate and ready to serve.  But what a wonderful way they are presented.

You see, they aren’t just placed on a plate.  They are stacked and arranged to look like a Christmas tree.  All the cookies are shaped like stars, and their points stick out in alternating patterns to look like the branches on a tree.  The frosting on these cookies is green, which helps make things look like a tree as well.  The size of the cookies grows smaller as it goes to the top, and there is a star frosted in yellow on top of the stake of cookies.  In front of our cookie tree is a decorated snowman cookie and a red star cookie cutter.  All of this is sitting on a red plate with white decorations.

This is a very creative ornament, and it’s easy to see why it was so popular last year.  I never would have thought about stacking cookies like this, but the result is wonderful.  It’s a festive ornament that will look great on any tree.

This is the only ornament in the series so far that would really work to be displayed apart from a tree.  That’s because it is the first ornament to truly be three dimensional since the rest have been the treats laid out on a tray or platter.  Fortunately, the plate these cookies are sitting on provides a nice flat base so you can set it out to display.  And you’ll find the 7 in a Christmas tree on the bottom since we are already up to the seventh in the series.

Unfortunately, this ornament tips forward some when it hangs.  All the ornaments in this series hang at an angle, and they usually look great doing it.  I’m sure the tip on this ornament was by design to fit in with the rest of the series, but unfortunately, it looks crooked instead of like it was done on purpose.  Fortunately, the tip isn’t that much, so you can easily disguise it with a few branches on your tree.

Still, that’s my only complaint with this ornament.  It’s creative and fun.  Obviously, it appealed to the non-series collector as well as those that love the series since it sold so well.  If you want the 2015 Season’s Treatings, I suggest you track it down quickly as I bet prices will only rise.

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Original Price: $9.95

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