Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ornament Review: Cupcakes for Christmas - 2016 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Creative celebration of Christmas Cupcakes series
Cons: None
The Bottom Line:
Six Christmas cupcakes
Marking six series pieces
Good looking and fun

Consider it a Sixth Celebration Anniversary a Year Late

Hallmark doesn’t mark every anniversary for their series pieces, but occasionally they do some fun limited edition ornaments to mark milestones.  While they didn’t officially call Cupcakes for Christmas an anniversary piece, I think that’s what we can consider this 2016 limited edition piece.

This ornament is a cupcake pan filled with six differently decorated cupcakes.  And any fan of the Christmas Cupcakes series will immediately recognize them as the first six in the series.  We’ve got everything from the poinsettia to Santa’s face to a snowflake.  They are definitely smaller than the original six cupcakes since the ornament in total is about the same size as one regular cupcake, but there is still enough detail to easily know that’s what they are supposed to be.

So you can easily see why I am considering this an anniversary piece.  Granted, the seventh in the series came out this year, so they are a year late in celebrating the anniversary.  And most of the time the anniversaries they celebrate are the traditional five or ten year marks.  But for this series, celebrating half a dozen years with one pan of cupcakes makes perfect sense, right?

And the detail they got in this ornament is wonderful.  While these cupcakes are plastic instead of felt like the originals, we can still easily see the cupcake flavor beneath all the fun frosting decorations.  There’s a generous sprinkling of glitter on the various cupcakes, will will be fun as they catch the lights on the tree.

Like any good cupcake pan, this one will sit level, so you can add this to a kitchen display if you want.  If you are looking to hang it, you’ll find that there is a loop at one end.  It hangs straight, but it hangs so the cupcakes are all facing you.  This way, you can enjoy the decorations on the various cupcakes easily.

Cupcakes for Christmas really is an easy and fun way to celebrate the creativity that has gone into the Christmas Cupcakes series.  I hope they do another piece like it in five years when the series gets to a dozen.

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Original Price: $17.95