Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 22nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

I so appreciate 24: Legacy finishing up this week.  They timed it perfectly for me since Supergirl returns next week.  I don't have three shows on Mondays at 8 this way!  (I'm sure they did that for me, right?)

Once Upon a Time – Both the flashback and the scene at the end where the curse was broken were so powerful.  Honestly, if you love these characters I don’t know how you could watch that and not be touched.  Interesting revelation about Tiger Lily.  I wonder if that will come into play at all during the final battle.  And Gideon found a way to disobey even while the Black Fairy had his heart.  Very interesting.  I hope Gold tells the others so at least they know what they are dealing with.

24: Legacy – Somebody had to die, and I must admit my money was on Rebecca.  Once again, they kept their 12 hour fast forward until the end, and they gave us an interesting coda to the show.  I was glad to see Carter’s wife come around to his new job, but I am wondering if he really spent 12 hours at the hospital.  I also think they had more story than would work for real time, so they fudged the travel times among other things.  All in all, still a fun season.

Dancing with the Stars – Yes, they are fast running out of Disney songs to do, but it’s still a favorite night.  I agree with the judges pretty much, but it is always fun to see the Stars getting into the spirt of the night.  There were some amazing performances.  The one I disagree with two of the judges on was the Frozen inspired dance.  That fit the song in the movie to a T, and I couldn’t imagine a better dance to that song.

Angie Tribecca – A show so dumb it is funny.  They seriously didn’t recognize the killer because he was going by a different name?  Not that I tune into the show for the well plotted mystery.  I tune in for the silly laughs, and I continue to get those in spades.  (And if you watch the show, you can probably guess what just popped into my mind.  Yes, a joke book being delivered to someone via spade.)

Team Ninja Warrior – I’m a bit sorry to see the defending champions defeated so soon.  But when you think about it, the odds of any team making it to the finals are small.  Thrilled to see the team that made it in the finals, however.  Those guys are just so much fun!

Survivor – I had missed this was going to be two hours until part way through watching hour one.  I would have planned my night differently had I known.  But anyway….  Not Ozzy!  I would really like to see him win some time because I like him.  On the other hand, I get why he needs to be voted out because he would win if he made it to the end.  As both halves of the episode showed, I think there is a lot of fluidity to the alliances at this point.  Honestly, I’ve felt that way much of the season.  Oh, and it really would be fun to have Sandra on the jury.

Designated Survivor – Not nearly as much in your face politics this go around, and I liked the solution for the Supreme Court.  This is more the politics I enjoy from the show.  Who wants the reporter to know about the conspiracy?  And what have we found in Montana?  That part of the show definitely ramped up this week, which makes me happy.

Powerless – Seeing Emily angry and telling the truth was funny, and I enjoyed seeing the team’s attitude toward her change in the end.  Something tells me that won’t stick when next week’s episode starts.  Overall, not the best episode, however.  I just felt like they were trying too hard to be funny, and it fell flat.

The Amazing Race – I knew this was two hours, unlike Survivor this week.  What I find funny is that they ended it with a To Be Continued instead of making that the end of the first hour.  Of course, since the second hour had the non-elimination leg, it’s understandable.  Not sorry to see the team with the whiner on it leave in the first hour.  I was growing to like the team that was saved by our first non-elimination leg this time, but now that they are fighting, I’m over them.  Still liking “the Boys.”  I even didn’t find Team Fun to be too annoying this week.  In fact, I felt sorry for them using the Fast Forward and still coming in third.  I wonder why that took so long.


  1. Angie T: always plenty of laughs
    Survivor: I hope the ones who voted for Ozzie get really, really, miserably hungry.

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Disney night on DWTS. I haven't been following this season, but I need to see if that episode is on my DVR.