Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 1st's Weekly TV Thoughts

I'm not joking.  Here are the shows I watched this week.

Once Upon a Time – In lesser hands, the ending of the Evil Queen story arc could have been very poorly done.  I loved it!  They had really worked hard to build to that realization on Regina’s part, plus it ties in well with the theme of the season.  Couple that with the outstanding acting from Lara, and it was a masterful episode.  Poor Hook and Emma are in serious trouble, of course.

Supergirl – Such a great episode.  For one thing, we weren’t being preached to.  For another, it allowed us to see how our characters feel about each other, even new comer Mon El.  I called that last scene as soon as it started, but other than that an outstanding episode.

24: Legacy – I knew things weren’t going to go well for the Senator as soon as he was heading to CTU.  Never do that in the middle of a season.  His father truly is a piece of work, isn’t he?  And at least the mole inside CTU was only a mole under duress and only for this episode.  At least so far.  There are still three episodes left.  And no time jump again.  I guess it will be in the final episode of the season again.

Dancing with the Stars – Wow!  Len was in a grumpy mood, at least there in the middle.  He had some good points, but it is rare that the judges are more than a point off from each other, and he was two points off on a couple in there.  Unfortunately, I do think that Chris was the right person to go home first.  I fully understand what he is struggling with physically, but based on his dancing he probably couldn’t improve too much.  Still, I fully respect him getting out there and trying.  It’s certainly more than I’ve ever done.

The Great Indoors (3/27) – That was an uncomfortable episode.  The jokes seemed forced and the rival guy was just so over the top it wasn’t funny.  Just when I think they’ve turned a corner, something like this pops up.

The Flash – That might have been me you heard yelling at the end.  No, not the fact that Killer Frost returned.  They telegraphed that very early on by reminding us of the headline.  It’s the fact that the next new episode isn’t for a month.  I don’t know if I can wait that long to find out what happens next.

Legends of Tomorrow – Women who aren’t Sara don’t fare well on the show.  Not that I though Amira would be back next season.  Time travel could erase this death, of course.  I liked Mick in this episode – doing the right thing even if he doesn’t get the reaction he wants.  And there were so many wonderful lines.  The Prison Break reference took the cake, and I’m not even a fan of that show.

Arrow – Where is Thea these days?  I mean, she has missed a lot of this season for still being in the opening credits.  She would have been a nice voice to bring Oliver to his senses, but at least Diggle is on his side.  I don’t think I like this vigilante Felicity.  She is forgetting all about her friends.

Survivor – I like JT, but he was driving me crazy at tribal council.  I was actually glad to see him voted off with his arrogance.  Of course, Michaela was pretty arrogant there at the end as well.  Funny, but arrogant.  Debbie needs to be next to go.  Man, she is so out of control and over the top.  Nothing has changed since last time for her.  I don’t know why you’d want to create drama like Sandra did with the sugar, but obviously it worked for her.

Designated Survivor – They teased us that we’d get answers.  I didn’t really feel we got that many if any.  Not that I’m disappointed with the episode.  I like the former President, he seems to add a bit of humor to the show.  It will be interesting to see what they do with Aaron for the rest of the season.  Something tells he will be back at the White House eventually.  And with Wells now officially working on this conspiracy, what can she uncover?

The Big Bang Theory – How smart am I?  I figured out that Amy and Sheldon fighting was going to help them before they did.  Predictable, but very funny, and I loved their new ground rules at the end.  Likewise, I felt that Raj and Penny bonding like they did was predictable, but they played it perfectly for laughs.  Fun episode.

The Great Indoors (3/30) – I thought this episode was so much better.  So funny with so many great little storylines working their way through the episode.  I wish my cubicles at work were that much fun.

Powerless – So the women might start acting like friends.  That was a good outcome of the story, although I really thought we went the long way to get there.  The bathroom storyline?  Completely stupid.  A few good lines, but overall not the best episode.

The Amazing Race – So glad the show is back.  They’ve semi-tried this idea before when they had the blind date teams, but it wasn’t every team, and they selected the teams.  This time?  There are some seriously crazy people on the race.  The team that finished in 10th doesn’t seem like they will get very far.  I was surprised team Fun made it as far as they did.  I hope they either calm down to get eliminated.  I don’t think I can stand a season of them.


  1. I loved the Raj/Penny story! So funny! I was surprised by how grumpy Len was too though the fact that he didn't like Heather's dance didn't shock me as there was a decided hip hop element to it. I was surprised that no one talked about her jive. I don't think I heard one word about "kicks and flicks". I'm enjoying this season so far! I'm not sure who I want to win but I do agree that Chris was the right choice to go home.

  2. Survivor: Agree about Debbie. I didn't like her last time and still don't.

  3. I like what they did with The Amazing Race team setup. It adds team building into the whole thing and shows just how important team dynamics are. No real standouts at this point.