Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pin Review: The Reluctant Dragon - Storybook Classics Collection #8 - 2017 Disney Story Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Two scenes capture essence of character and story
Cons: Cover picture not from short, but from book
The Bottom Line:
Music, poetry
Highlighted with this dragon
In pin for his fans

A Pin Even the Reluctant Dragon Would Love

When you have a dragon who prefers poetry and music to fighting, you get some fun images.  This pin of The Reluctant Dragon, part of the Storybook Classics Collection, captures him at this friendly best.

Like all storybooks, this pin opens, depicting two scenes.  The cover features the dragon sitting talking to the boy who first befriends him.  The boy is holding the book from which he learned everything about dragons (as long as they are ferocious fire breathing dragons).   I can easily picture this dragon reciting some poetry to the boy.  The cover is simple, with a yellow background, The Reluctant Dragon written across the top in red, and the figures outlined in blue.  Still, it captures the moment well.  Even if it isn’t a moment you can point to in the film, you know what is happening if you know the story.

On the other hand, the inside picture is directly from the short.  It features the dragon rehearsing a piece of music.  He’s playing a flute and leading three birds in singing along.  The inside picture has slightly raised outlines and is in full color.

Both of these pictures make me smile, but the inside picture is my favorite.  It captures a very fun and creative moment from the cartoon perfectly.  I wish the cover had as good a tie to the cartoon, although I get that this ties to the book Disney released, so it’s a minor complaint.

Because this pin has two heavy pieces of metal on it, there are two sticks in the back to help hold it on when you wear it.

This pin of The Reluctant Dragon perfectly captures the character, so it perfectly captures the fun of the cartoon.  Fans of the character or rarer Disney characters in general will be thrilled to add it to their collection.

For other rare characters, check out the rest of the Storybook Classics Collection.

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