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Ornament Review: The Band Concert - Mickey's Movie Mousterpieces #6 - 2017 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Wonderful sculpt of a classic short
Cons: All cons blown away by tornado
The Bottom Line:
Conductor Mickey
From classic wind-blown concert
Captured perfectly

Strike Up the Band for the Latest Mickey’s Movie Mousterpieces Ornament

Hallmark’s Mickey’s Movie Mousterpieces series seems to be doing a good job of picking shorts to highlight from both the well-known and the rarer of Mickey’s career.  Okay, so maybe the definition of familiar would be different outside of diehard DisNerd circles, but I like having the mix of both.  We definitely have one of the more familiar shorts this year with The Band Concert.

If you aren’t familiar with this 1935 classic cartoon, it features Mickey and his group of friends, including Horace, and Clarabelle, as they attempt to put on a concert in the park.  Just as Mickey, the conductor, starts leading them through the William Tell Overture, mayhem ensures in the form of Donald, a bee, and ultimately a tornado.  And one reason this short stands out is that it was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon done in color.

What we have here is Mickey before the madness begins.  He’s holding the baton in his right hand and is about ready to start conducting the song.  He’s looking up and smiling.  And he’s wearing a hat and the long red coat he wears in the piece.

In fact, anyone familiar with this short will immediately recognize which cartoon is being featured.  It’s an iconic look for Mickey, and the ornament captures it perfectly.  I can’t think of a better ornament of Mickey from his short.

Mickey’s coat trails out behind him, so you’d think that would give him a nice flat base.  It doesn’t.  The way his feet are positioned makes him balance on just one small area.  He does stand up, but if you set him anywhere that is going to be bumped, he will fall over rather quickly.  You will find the six in a Christmas tree series marker on the bottom as well as the name and year of the short.

The loop for hanging the ornament is on the top of Mickey’s head, and it is perfectly placed, because Mickey hangs straight.

This ornament seems to be popular because The Band Concert flew off the shelves here when it premiered in July.  If you want it, I suggest you snag it if you find it in your local store.  And any fan of Mickey will definitely want to add it to their collection.

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Original Price: $12.95

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