Saturday, August 26, 2017

August 26th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Another short week of TV.  Got to enjoy these before the onslaught of fall TV hits me.

American Ninja Warrior – Wow, the pipe obstacle was a horrible one.  Not that I can say much since I have no sense of balance.  Even if the pipe didn’t rotate, I’d fall off.  Still, you know it’s a hard course when you can finish the salmon ladder and make it to Vegas.  And only one person came close to finishing.

Hollywood Game Night – That duet game was hard.  Okay, so I don’t know a ton of popular songs since that’s not what I normally listen to, but yikes!  The second team did finally begin to get things together near the end of their run.  And the winner should have passed a bit more often in the final round.

Suits – Wow.  Just wow!  I’m so glad to know what Alex’s role in all this is.  As horrible as it is, I’m glad he’s not guilty of anything.  Oh, we can parse what he should or shouldn’t have done, but I get his fear and where he’s coming form.  But I want them to take these company’s down.  I’m glad to know Mike won’t take it lying down, but I’m wondering what they will do.  And if this is season 7, wouldn’t seven years ago (which is what they said at the start of the flashbacks) been about the time the show started?  I think they need to back it up longer than that.  Minor issue, of course.

Battle of the Network Stars – So that wasn’t really a surprise.  Oh, I was surprised at how close it was until the tug of war, but the decide all tug of war went the way I thought it would.  Just in case you missed it, the show is on ABC, and they are the only network to get their own team this summer.  I’m surprised they didn’t get more current stars to do it.  And TV variety seemed a stretch to me.

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