Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 5th's Weekly TV Thoughts

A rather quiet week on the TV front for sure.

American Ninja Warrior – It takes the suspense out of how good the final run of the night is going to be when they still have given out the Pom award yet.  Still, only one finisher?  Wow!  The episode had touching stories for guys you wanted to see go further.  Why can’t they just take everyone to Vegas?

Suits – Jessica was behind it all?  Seriously?  That seems pretty extreme to me.  It worked, but yikes!  And what is Alex’s secret?  Mike going behind everyone’s back to work on that case?  I mean, he should, but still.  They set up quite a bit in this episode, and watching it play out is going to be very interesting.

Battle of the Network Stars – Was it just me, but was the average age of the Kids team bigger than the Parents team?  The parents really pulled it out in the end.  And it was almost a blow out, too.

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