Saturday, February 24, 2018

February 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Funny, this looks identical to the two shows I watched last week.

Legends of Tomorrow – We haven’t seen much of Zari for a while, so it was about time for her to get an episode to really shine.  I’m glad she’s fully on board with the team, and I like the development they gave the other characters.  Mick as a novelist?  Now that’s funny.  I’d heard that Wally was coming to this show, and I was wondering when.  Guess they answered that question there at the end.

The Amazing Race – Well, that was a disappointment.  I was really hoping that Big Brother would be the final team eliminated, but they won.  There was just something about them, especially her, that rubbed me the wrong way.  Both of those last two legs seemed incredibly tough with lots and lots of tasks I would have been frustrated by.  So my hat is off to all three teams who finished the entire race.

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