Saturday, September 29, 2018

September 29th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The new season started this week.  Can you tell by how much longer my Weekly TV Thoughts have gotten?

Big Bang Theory (Monday) – I am going to mourn a little with every episode we see this season, I have a feeling.  The premiers are never the strongest episodes, and that was the case here as well.  Still, I loved Sheldon and Amy together.  Raj just made me cringe, although the shout out to Vroman’s in the tag was fun.  (That’s a real bookstore in Pasadena.)  I do wish that Leonard and Penny would have talked a bit more about their relationship because they could totally go that way in 30 years.

Dancing with the Stars (Monday) – Seems like just about everyone was off to a good start.  There were a few highs and lows, but just about everyone was bunched up together.  I can’t believe they are expecting two full nights out of everyone, however the first week.

Magnum, PI – I’ve never seen much of the original (didn’t grow up watching much TV), but I found this show to be promising.  It could be fun, or it could fall flat – it’s always hard to judge from a pilot, but I’m planning to give it another chance next week.  Unless it really hooks me, I’ll give it up when my Arrowverse shows return mid-October.

Dancing with the Stars (Tuesday) – Okay, so it was only the stars who were in jeopardy who had to dance again, although I’m sure everyone put in some practice time.  And they didn’t have to learn a new dance style, but still a new routine.  And that first hour?  So.  Much.  Filler.  Fast forwarded through almost all of it.  I’m surprised that a couple of the lower scorers were safe, at least for now.  Nikki probably wouldn’t have lasted long, although she would have been fun to root for.

Lethal Weapon – Yes, I did give the show a chance.  No, I didn’t like it any better.  It felt like another pilot in too many ways, and the relationship between the new partners definitely felt forced.  Plus he’s just too much a clone of Riggs.  And no, I wasn’t happy that they killed Riggs off either.  All around, a bummer start to season 3.  Debating about next week, but probably won’t be back.

This is Us – A little soap opera coming our way with Jack and Rebecca’s past.  I’m very curious to see how that all plays out.  I mean, we know the outcome, but still.  I wonder how much Deja’s dad will play into this season.  And how will Kevin and Zoe work out?  Only the first episode back, and so many great emotions.  I remember why I love this show so much.

Survivor – Wow!  To go out first due to a rough boat ride.  That completely stinks.  Sounds like his team had really come to love him, too.  At least they didn’t have to vote anyone else off the team, and I’m glad he recovered.  This season will be interesting to see how the teams wind up doing.  I wonder if they will mix up the teams mid-way through before the merge like they usually do these days.

A Million Little Things – I watched this right after watching the season premier of This Is Us.  The comparisons are there for a reason, and the two of them back to back was very rough.  This show isn’t as well written or acted, but I can feel the heart.  I think I could like the show, although the soap opera of the one guy having the affair already is bothering me.  For now, however, I think I will be sticking with this one.

Big Bang Theory (Thursday) – I figured out what Leonard and Penny were up to before they officially told us.  I loved how that played out.  So, if Raj going to find his dream girl this way?  And it looks like they will be playing up Stuart’s romance as well, at least for a few episodes.  I’d love to see both those guys happily in a relationship before the series ends.

The Good Place – Oh, how I have missed this show!  Delightfully silly.  Yes, there was some set up, but now that we’ve got the gang together again, I’m sure it will get better from here.  And Trevor is going to add the complication this season really needs to ramp up the laughs.  I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Murphy Brown – The original Murphy Brown aired in the years when I wasn’t watching that much TV, but I caught quite a few episodes over the years.  Yes, it was a liberal show, but I still found it funny.  I’ve been worried that this new interaction would be too liberal for me.  And I was right.  I laughed a couple of times, but not nearly as much as I was annoyed by the sermonizing we got from the characters.  A lot of the jokes seemed rather obvious.  I wonder how I would feel going back and watching the original show these days.

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