Saturday, January 26, 2019

January 26th's Weekly TV Thoughts

This week, they announced that Suits will be ending with a shorter season 9.  I'm going to miss the characters, but it is definitely time.  They've lost half the original cast, and the show isn't nearly as good this year.  I'm still enjoying it, but it is time.  And I say that having watched the season 8B premier this week.

Supergirl – I do not like this new director at all.  She is pure evil, and going after Kara like crazy.  The biggest question is why.  And Alex having her memories of Supergirl erased?  Wow!  That is going to be interesting to watch play out over the rest of the season.

Arrow – So we learn more about this half sister no one knew about.  Still not sure I’m on track with that or with the future storyline.  I really don’t like the future storyline.  This project that Arguss is working on is going to spell trouble as well.

The Flash – So it took Nora getting hurt to come up with the idea of helping Grace.  Of course, the villain still needs to pay for his crimes, but I wonder if that will help him out at all.  And yes, we have a very similar plot thread on The Flash as on Supergirl, but without the political overtones so it isn’t bothering me nearly as much.

This is Us – I’m glad they went back at the end.  The story of what happened in Vietnam is tragic.  Naturally, I’m very curious how this will all play out over the rest of the season.  And yes, I was very impressed with all the cuts and how they two visits mirrored each other.  Beautifully done.

The Masked Singer – How funny that the Poodle was someone that Dr. Ken worked with so closely and he still didn’t figure it out.  Makes me feel better for having no clue at all.

Suits – I’m glad to see that Samantha and Alex buried the hatchet so quickly.  I’m sure they will spark again since that’s what the characters do on this show.  I mean, seriously, do they ever work together for more than an episode?  It was nice to see even Donna admit she had to learn something and had made a mistake.

The Orville – A month?  They were serious in prison, in orbit for a month?  And I’m unclear why the Orville had a deadline to fix the problem.  I mean, their timing was perfect to save Bortus and Kelly, but they didn’t know that.  And it was clear they had moved on to the other sign, so it wasn’t trying to fix the star during the sign’s month.

The Good Place – I knew there had to be some twist, but I really never saw these coming.  I wonder who the other two residents will be?  Obviously, these residents are going to cause major complications for our characters, which I think will be very funny.  But those last few minutes between Chidi and Elinore were heart breaking and so perfectly written and performed.  The scene with Janet was spectacular, too.

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