Saturday, January 5, 2019

January 5th's Weekly TV Thoughts

TV Networks couldn't wait to start putting out new shows.  Okay, so it's still not a typical week, but it's much better than last week, which had nothing.  (Actually, it was kind of nice to have nothing last week, but I still started a couple of new shows this week.)

The Orville (12/30) – If this isn’t a perfect indication of how I feel about the show, I don’t know what is.  Seriously, a show about an alien going to the bathroom?  Come on.  But the other two plots were good.  I loved the final scene of the doctor’s storyline with Isaac at the conference.  And watching Ed helping Kelly’s new boyfriend was surprisingly touching.

The Masked Singer – This show is pretty much what I expected.  The costumes are bizarre yet fun, but I am very intrigued by who could be under the masks.  Some of those voices are incredible.  A couple could have been better, but I’m not going to criticize too loudly.  They got up and sang in front of the entire country.  I wonder how many I will actually know but I am definitely going to stick around and find out.

The Big Bang Theory – You knew everything was going to come to a head during the paintball game.  And yes, some of it was even predictable.  But it was also very funny.  After the weakest start to a season, they seem to be finding their groove again.  If only Leonard and Penny would have something to do like the other couples do.

The Titan Games – Those challenges/contests/whatever are insane!  There’s no way I could do any of that.  And I can’t believe that contestants get one chance and then are sent home.  You’d better hope that initial game plays to your strength.

The Orville (1/3) – I’m surprised given the people involved that they actually went with a porn addiction storyline.  I predicted what was going to be happening with the planet early on, but the rest rather surprised me.  And I’d forgotten how upset Boris was about what happened with his child last season, so I’m glad to see this is still being included in his character’s storyline.

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