Saturday, February 9, 2019

February 9th's Weekly TV Thoughts

It's the first week of February sweeps, and we have several shows MIA.  I guess that usually happens thanks to special stuff on Sundays, but it seems funny to me.

Arrow – The most fun I’ve had watching Arrow in a while.  The documentary was fun, and letting us seeing some previous characters was a hoot.  Plus they still worked some forward movement into the episode plus gave us something on the flash forward.  Still need digging the future, but I was impressed with how they did it.  A great 150th episode.

The Flash – Iris was so stupid!  It was fun to see Barry and Ralph working together without their powers.  They made a very good team.  But the most fun for me was seeing Sherlock with his exes and current love interest.  I wonder if they will be doing more with her.  Apparently, they have starred together several times in the past, but I’ve seen them teamed up in the Hallmark Darrow and Darrow movies.

The Masked Singer – They’ve been saying Ricki Lake all season for Raven, or at least for a few weeks, so I wasn’t surprised when that’s who it turned out to be.  I’m glad Dr. Ken isn’t the “reigning champion” any more.  He’s pretty annoying.

Suits – Yes, my favorite part of that episode was Harvey calling Mike at the end of the episode.  I miss him, too.  I miss him more than Rachel, but I always saw Mike and Harvey as the central relationship of the series.  I hope Katrina and Brian are able to work together now and we’ve worked through that story line.  As you know, I’ve been worried about it all season.  Glad they are paying back the money the investment fund lost.

The Big Bang Theory – I figured Penny would change her mind about having kids by the end of the season.  I’m sad we won’t get to see them as parents.  Sheldon and Amy either.  I know she hasn’t said yes yet, but I think that is where they are going to go.  I feel badly for Howard not getting to go on the plane, but that was a very funny outcome to that story line.

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