Saturday, March 9, 2019

March 9th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The biggest TV news for me this week is that Arrow is ending with a short season next season.  Honestly, I'm not that upset about it.  The show has been sliding for a couple of years now, and I've been struggling with this season.  If they were to do the same with Supergirl, I'd be insanely happy.

Supergirl – I’m hard pressed to find something enjoyable about this episode.  So much hate.  About all I can say is I’m now not so sure Lena is going full evil.  Not if Alex is on board with her project.  Oh, I know it can still go either way, and I suspect she will be evil soon, but I hope not.

God Friended Me – Simon is obviously a red herring.  I’m sure when they figure things out, they won’t set it up like this.  Can’t believe he agreed to move an entire team.  Cara and Miles are finally going on a date!  I’m a bit surprised by that as well.  And I was glad that the case of the week ended the way it did.  Such a warm ending.

Arrow – I loved how Felicity told Oliver she was pregnant.  And I loved how she changed her mind about killing Diaz.  But who got to him in his cell?  I was not expecting that ending at all.

The Flash – Was not looking forward to that episode.  King Shark’s story was better than I was expecting, but I hate Grodd.  Anytime he’s in an episode, it bothers me.  And the computer effects for both of them were horrible.  Some forward story movement.  I liked that.  But a mostly forgettable episode.

This is Us – How did the tapes survive the fire?  Did we already establish that sometime and I missed it?  That was so hard to watch between the past and Kevin and then Randall at the end with Beth.  So much cringing.

Survivor – How is Wendy not gone?  Seriously?  She’s annoying me like crazy.  And why would a team that is losing get rid of Chris?  They need someone like him on their team.  What am I not getting when it comes to team dynamics?  Yes, at some point it switches to individual, but everyone seems to go individual from the very beginning.

The Big Bang Theory – Amy’s conversations with Raj were definitely the highlight of the episode.  And I was actually impressed with Leonard’s mom.  I’m not sure I believe it, but she actually made what she did to Leonard feel almost okay.  Wasn’t surprised by where Penny and Bernadette’s story went.

The Orville – I didn’t suspect Gordan’s friend was guilty until he asked Gordan to leave the ship with him.  However, as soon as Gordan showed up and said “Let’s split, I knew that was a set up.  Still a great episode.  I’ll be interested to see how they play this going forward.

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