Sunday, March 3, 2019

March 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, I know it is a day off, but I wanted to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday yesterday.  Here are my thoughts on a very quiet TV week.

Survivor – I’m surprised there was as much discussion at camp as there was, unless the producers played it up for us.  Keith should have gone last week.  He seems like a nice guy, but you have to be able to swim on Survivor.  Period.  And yes, you need to think about the long game, but if you aren’t winning challenges as a tribe, you won’t make it to the merge.  It still surprises me that people don’t seem to see that.

The Masked Singer – The site I was reading was correct again.  They did a much better job than the judges.  So many amazing performances, however.  It was fun, although I don’t know if I will be back for the next season or not.  It will partially depend on when it airs.

Suits – Wow!  I was just getting used to having Zane around.  And I don’t see how he did anything wrong back then.  That was a great scene between him and Alex.  And are Harvey and Donna going to be together now?  I must admit, if they hadn’t begun the will they/won’t they as much as they have the last couple of seasons, I would have been fine, but I am hoping they get together at this point.

The Orville – I was expecting Isaac to do something to save the day and begin redeeming himself.  I wasn’t expecting them to go to and get help from the Krill.  That is going to be a very interesting twist going forward.  Again, a very intense episode, but overall well done.

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