Monday, March 4, 2019

Ornament Review: Gleeful Goofy - Disney Christmas Carolers - 2018 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun Show with Goofy
Cons: Price
The Bottom Line:
Rounding out trio
Goofy is charming, silly
A fun part of show

You'll be Gleeful to Add Goofy to Your Collection

The last of the three ornaments in Hallmark's Disney Christmas Carolers ornament set to come out last year was Gleeful Goofy.  He is slightly different from the other two, but in a way that fits his personality perfectly.

While Mickey and Donald are standing under old fashioned street lights while they sing for us, Goofy has decided to deck himself out like a tree.  Okay, so he's wearing his usual orange shirt and blue pants, but he has wrapped some green garland around himself.  (Actually, he's the only one of the trio also not decked out for colder weather, which is a bit of a surprise.)  Anyway, he does provide his own light.  The source?  The star on his head.

And, in addition to joining Mickey and Donald in their songs, he starts his own song as well.  In this case, it's "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."  And if you've bought all three ornaments in this set, you'll enjoy Mickey and Donald joining in on this song.  The star also flashes while Goofy is singing, and he moves his hand up and down.  All told, the show lasts just over 30 seconds.

To get the sound, light, and motion to work, you have to have this ornament plugged into Hallmark's Power Cord, which is sold separately.  One cord works for up to seven different ornaments, and you don’t even have to have the ornaments from the set plugged into the same cord.  I had these three ornaments on two different trees about a dozen feet apart, and they interacted with each other just fine.

This is my favorite ornament in the set.  Part of it is because I love Goofy.  And I love how Goofy has decked himself out for Christmas in a way only he would.  Plus, with his hand in the air, it adds another note of fun.  Mind you, I really did enjoy having this set up on my trees this year, so I'm glad I have all of them, but this was a clear favorite.

As with the others, Goofy is standing on a nice, round base, so you can set him out some place to enjoy.  Being an ornament, he is designed to hang on your tree, and you'll find he hangs straight if you go that route.

Gleeful Goofy is a great way to close out this trio of ornaments.  He's the best of a fun set.

Original Price: $34.99

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