Saturday, April 20, 2019

April 20th's Weekly TV Thoughts

God Friended Me – So clearly we know what the big story of the season is, and I’m thrilled that they were able to resolve that as well.  Obviously, they could have turned this into a series finale if they’d needed to, but I’m glad to know the show will be coming back.  Especially after that cliffhanger.  What is going on there at the end with someone else having the God account now?

Legends of Tomorrow – That was fun.  It would have been more fun if I were a fan of Austen, but I still got a kick out of it.  I guess Nate’s dad really is dead.  I assumed he was just near death and they’d figure out a way to revive him, but that’s clearly wrong.  And I had forgotten about the main demon of the season, so it was nice to remember what the stakes are for everyone.

Arrow – I’d been hearing a lot about this episode and the Birds of Prey coming together.  It was great to have Sara back, although I have to wonder since when did she have a canary cry?  I’m guessing that was our Laurel’s cry, but I don’t remember Sara taking it.  I liked how they got through to Laurel, and for once a good thing in the future storyline.  But is that it for Laurel now?  They are going to be down serious actors for the final season next year.

The Flash – I get it.  I really do.  And I’m wondering if Reverse Flash was really up to something or if he was actually being a good guy for a change.  I’d still like to know that.  But boy do I feel for Nora there at the end.  I still say she and Reverse Flash were up to something else, something other than catching Cicada.  I wasn’t that into most of the episode, but wow did that ending pack a punch.

Survivor – So there was the two tribals in one night episode I thought we were getting last week.  And both of them took out returning players.  I do feel a bit for those who go home with an idol in their pocket because they were blindsided.  I get it, it is hard to know when to play it or not.  I’ve really changed on that over the last few years of watching the show.  Sometimes, yes, the person was stupid, but I think tonight Kelly got played and played well.

The Amazing Race – So very glad this show is back.  I’m rooting for Rupert, but I’m not surprised how he and his wife did on the show.  I figured he’d get lost easily.  I mean, 2 hours in the park?  He did climb the mountain faster than I expected.  But they are still around for at least one more leg.

Big Bang Theory – Yes, it is time for the show to end.  I’ve loved it for years, but it just isn’t funny any more.  The jokes and the plots are predictable at this point.  I’m sorry it is ending after it should have.

The Orville – I was not expecting that ending.  Obviously, this time distortion was something new, and the mindwipe didn’t work.  So what is the fallout going to be?  Looks pretty bad next week.

Abby’s – Either I wasn’t in a mood to laugh Thursday night (See my post on Big Bang Theory), or I’m rapidly losing interest in this show.  Mildly amusing, but I’m already getting sick of how some of the characters interact with each other.

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