Sunday, September 29, 2019

Disney Pins Review: Sword in the Stone - Disney Wisdom Collection #9

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great quote, fun character poses
Cons: I don’t have the knowledge to find any
The Bottom Line:
Knowledge and wisdom
Factor into this pin set
Great for the series

September Gave Us this Powerful Pin Set

When I saw the quotes for the Disney Wisdom Collection earlier in the year, I immediately recognized almost all of them.  However, one of them came from a movie I must admit I didn’t really recognize, and that’s this month’s release, which is taken from The Sword in the Stone.

The quote is from Wart, aka King Arthur before he pulls the sword from the stone.  It is “Knowledge and wisdom is the real power.”  For the first time in the series, I don’t have a context to place this quote in, but I do find it quite ironic given that it is a movie filled with magic.

Speaking of magic, we get the two biggest magicians as the characters to go along with the quote.  One of them is Merlin, which isn’t a big surprise.  The other is Madam Mim.  I do believe this is the first time we have a villain in the series, although I don’t remember her being completely evil.  Still, it’s an interesting change.

The color of the month is purple.  The two characters are purple with lavender accents.  They both look a little like they are dancing, although Merlin has his wand out like he is casting a spell.  Mim is definitely dancing, and shows the most action we’ve had in the series so far.  The third pin in the set is the quote itself, with the words written in yellow and orange.  It looks very nice.

Since Wart is not part of the pin set, that means the person giving us the quote has been included in the set only 3 out of 9 times.

And I do like the quote.  Even without the context, it reminds us that, as fun as magic is to dream about, it takes knowledge and wisdom to actually accomplish anything.  Both seem to be in short supply in the world right now.  I’d add that being wise enough to know when you don’t know something can also be powerful.

So this is another great addition to the Disney Wisdom Collection and my pin collection.  I will be enjoying it for quite some time to come.

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