Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ornament Review: Sesame Street - Celebrating 50 Years

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Celebrate Sesame Street with light and sound
Cons: Brought to you by the number 0
The Bottom Line:
50 years of show
Marked with this fun ornament
Nostalgia for all

Celebrating 50 Years of Sesame Street

Hallmark landed a new license this year – Sesame Street.  And it’s just in time, too, because this is Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary.  Which brings us to this ornament, designed to celebrate this golden anniversary.

The ornament feature Big Bird standing next to that famous street sign.  He’s got his beak open and one arm out like he is talking – probably welcoming us to Sesame Street.  The entire thing is on a gray circular base designed to look a bit like sidewalk.

But that base has another purpose – it holds the workings that turn this into a magic ornament.  If you put in three button batteries and press the button on the ornament, you’ll see the light light up and hear the famous theme song.  They’ve got a nice, long clip, going into the second verse before it fades out.  All told, this lasts about 30 seconds, which adds to the fun.

Hallmark is releasing a total of three Sesame Street ornaments this year, but this is the only one I am buying.  (Seriously, I mean it!)  However, I couldn’t miss marking this milestone, and this was a great way to do it.  Big Bird has always been such a fun character, and pairing him with the street sign is fantastic.  Add in the theme song, and it was a must get, and I’m not at all disappointed.  While I was always a bigger fan of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, I did enjoy watching some Sesame Street over the years.

Because of the base, you can set this ornament any time or anywhere, which is nice since there isn’t really anything that makes it a Christmas ornament, so you can enjoy it year-round.

If you do want to hang the ornament, you’ll find the loop on top of Big Bird’s head.  Slip the hook through it, and you’ll find that it hangs ever so slightly to the right, but not enough to truly be an issue.

Anyone with fond memories of Sesame Street will enjoy this nostalgic ornament.  And that’s quite a few people since the show has been on so long, isn’t it?  You’ll be glad you picked up this ornament today.

Original Price: $22.99

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