Saturday, September 14, 2019

September 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – Wow!  That was a lot of finishers tonight.  And that first finish had me holding my breath.  21 finishers.  Someone got to make it to stage 4 with how they’ve been teasing the season all summer.  And yes, with 21 people making it on to stage 3, it’s obvious now why they needed four weeks for Vegas.  But how hard are they going to make Vegas next year.  Or will they take away the safety passes?  We’ve got a couple people who have moved on solely because of them.

A Very Brady Renovation – Yes, I’ve seen enough Brady Bunch to be intrigued by this, so I am watching my first HGTV series.  And I’m so glad I tuned in.  Yes, the fact that they aren’t going to recreate the way the house should look in my mind is going to bug me.  But I’ll just have to get over it because that house outside could never have matched the inside.  And wow, the care they are putting into this is amazing.  To my eye (and I haven’t watched the show in years), the final results sure did look right.

BH90210 – First of all, what’s up with giving away the final twist in the previews from last week?  Yes, a few things got resolved, but for the most part, I felt like they left us pretty much in the air on all the storylines.  Especially who would actually be in the reboot.  And we will probably never know since I doubt we are going to get any more of the series.  It was fun.  And maybe I’m caring too much over a fake reboot since I had so much fun watching over the last few weeks.

Suits – Let’s talk the ending first.  I did not see that coming.  Talk about a bombshell out of left field.  Granted, we never saw that much of Harvey’s mom, but still.  I like seeing the past come back to haunt them.  But boy, if Faye a piece of work.  Yes, the storyline with Esther started out feeling like a rote #MeToo story, but by the end, I was really enjoying it as well.  They managed to make it interesting despite how it started.  And that last scene was so powerful.

Pearson – It’s taken me most of the season, but I think I am finally on board.  I hope the contractor gets it next week.  Why do I feel like the city attorney won’t actually be able to get away from city hall?  Jessica’s cousin sure is stubborn.  She seems to make the worst decisions possible, too.  It will be interesting to see how they wrap all this up next week.

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