Saturday, September 21, 2019

September 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

This is it, the final summer week of TV.  Makes since because Monday is the first day of fall.  Two shows with finales this week and the first fall premiers as well.  I'll definitely be getting back in the grove of TV shows next week, for better or worse.

American Ninja Warrior – I’m not surprised that it was Drew who won.  He was one of the people I was rooting for if it wasn’t going to be Joe.  Ironically, Daniel was one of the others, so it was hard to know who I was rooting for more when both of them made it to stage 4.  I am glad that Daniel didn’t finish.  Since they both couldn’t win, I’m glad that it was someone finished and someone else didn’t instead of both of them finishing and one losing because of time.  That was so rough last time they had a winner.

Dancing with the Stars – Politics is going to get a bad name when it comes to dancing.  They need to find some good political dancers.  No, I don’t think the judges were picking on Sean Spicer with his score.  His dance looked painful from a dancing standpoint.  He was having fun.  But how about Summer (was that her name) who stepped in for her mom?  Impressive after three days.  She’s got potential.  James seems to be the dancer to beat, at least at this early stage.  I always marvel at how the judges can say such different things to people and then score them so close to each other.

A Very Brady Renovation – I don’t quite get where they put the study in relation to anything else.  For that matter, was the fireplace in the living room last week when they were working on that?  They are putting a lot of work into this house.  But it looks so amazing when they are done.  I had to laugh at the rain in LA part.  We definitely had a wetter than normal winter this last year.  Affected a lot of things all over the state, actually.

Suits – I really have missed Mike.  And I get why they are at odds right now, but they had better be friends when the dust clears.  Because wow, their scenes together prove why I always saw them as the heart and soul of the show.  As tired as I am of all the infighting, I really enjoyed this episode.  It’s especially nice to see Faye getting some hard truths.  Seriously, that woman is extra toxic.

Pearson – Seriously?  Destroy her relationship with Jeff (which was always one of my favorites, even on Suits), make the teaser from the beginning of the season into a non-issue, and leave us with only one thing resolved – the cousin’s storyline.  That’s it?  I’ve been watching all along for that?  What a disservice to the Jessica Pearson character.  If the show comes back by some fluke, I highly doubt I will keep watching it.

American Horror Story: 1984 – Yes, I’m giving this show a chance this season.  I’m that addicted to slasher stories.  I can see why I haven’t given the show a chance in the past.  The characters are pretty annoying.  It’s clear they are setting Emma Robert’s character up as the final girl.  The question is, will they follow the standard formula or give us a twist down the road.  I might or might not find out.  The show was pretty brutal for me, so we will see if I make it all the way through.

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