Saturday, September 28, 2019

September 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And the fall TV season is officially in full swing.  Several season premiers, one series premier, and a series finale in the line up this week.  Still fairly quiet until the Arrowverse shows start up again in a couple of weeks.  They I won't have time for anything else.

Dancing with the Stars – I’m surprised Mary was the first to go.  Of course, we do seem to have several stars down at the bottom right now, so the next few weeks should be easy.  I’ll have to see how the judges picking who ultimate goes plays out.  It’s too early to tell right now.

Very Brady Renovation – This was the first time I felt like we got a real view of how long this all took.  Six months, and I can believe they found the stuff they needed to make the house real.  But the work?  I’m so impressed.  So far, the backyard as been the biggest disappointment, but I’ll let that pass since they couldn’t do much else with it due to lack of space.

This is Us – Remember how I wasn’t sure about continuing on?  I thought I’d give the season premier one shot to see what I thought.  I have a feeling I will be hanging around for the season again.  I’m intrigued to see where they are going to go with these new characters.  It is nice to know that baby Jack is going to grow up and be okay, although if we regularly have storylines in the past, present, and future, that’s going to get very confusing for us.  And yes, I am going to need a few episodes to get used to Jennifer Morrison as someone other than Emma.  I really only know her from Once Upon a Time, so that is what I am used to thinking when I see her.  Having said all of that, I would have liked more of the Big Three than the brief glimpses we got of them at the end.  Maybe introduce these new characters only one at a time instead of making them the focus of a new episode?

Survivor – So the advice from Rob and Sandra will be at least partially scripted.  Good to know.  I liked the fact that they were hiding during tribal.  I think this twist will be very interesting.  (Although I am wondering how much they are being paid to be out there.  And how much they get to eat vs. finding food on their own.)  I wonder what was in Rob’s back pocket.  And how people will react to Elizabeth when the truth comes out.

Suits – That wasn’t quite the final I was hoping for.  I was glad they got rid of Faye in time to wrap some other things up.  I like the fact that we got to see Louis’s baby, and the scenes with his therapist were good.  But Harvey and Donna getting married like that?  No.  That’s just not right.  And moving across the country?  That came completely out of left field.  Love Harvey and Mike working together again, but the show didn’t earn that ending.

AHS: 1984 – Seriously, that camp director is driving me up a wall.  Not only is she completely wrong with her theology, but she is obviously just there to make Christians look bad.  The fact that we have a ghost in the story is very interesting.  I figured the Nightstalker was just there for the beginning of the season, so it’s interesting that he has shown up as well.  Could have done without the deadly wedding backstory.

The Good Place – I am going to miss this show when it ends this year.  I mean, I’m glad they are going out when the story ends, but it is so dang funny.  That elephant was a blast.  Linda going off was great.  Derek’s “I have been murdered” video was pretty good.  I’m very curious where they will go with this season, and I’m going to enjoy every second of it unfolding.

Carol’s Second Act – I’d forgotten that Ashley Tisdale was in it, and boy, I didn’t recognize her at all.  There is some promise in there, but overall I felt like the show was trying too hard.  For every joke that really made me laugh, there were three or four that were saying “Look at me, I’m funny.”  If they tone the show down, it will be a better show with a long life.  Otherwise, I won’t make it through more than a handful of episodes, and I doubt most people will either.

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