Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Ornament Review: Nemo - 2019 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great looking mini ornament size of Nemo
Cons: Writing on the bottom is obvious, especially with the tilt
The Bottom Line:
A mini Nemo
That captures character well
But writing detracts

Nemo Swims His Way onto Your Tree in Mini Form

My mini trees don’t have very many Disney related ornaments, so when I spotted the Nemo ornament that Hallmark released in 2019, I knew I had to add him to my collection.  He’s a great looking ornament with one flaw.

Yes, the ornament looks just like the title character from Finding Nemo.  He’s an orange and white striped clownfish.  They’ve even got one fin smaller than the other.  And they’ve captured a great expression on his face – he’s smiling and he looks genuinely happy to be on your tree.

The issue with the ornament comes from how he hangs.  The loop to hang him is near his head, so he naturally tips up.  It’s pretty noticeable, but in a fish, it isn’t completely bad.  After all, he could be swimming up, right?  However, the copyright information is on the bottom of the ornament in black.  With the way he is tipped, you can’t help but see it, and it takes away from the ornament overall.

It doesn’t help that I have both my mini trees above my monitors in my cubicle at work, so it is easy to see the writing on the bottom of the ornament.  If you put the ornament on a lower branch of a tree set on the ground, you won’t notice it as easily.

Since Nemo is a fish, he is designed to swim, not stand.  This holds true for the ornament as well since there is no easy way to set him out to be displayed other than hanging him.

I’ll reiterate what I mentioned in passing at the beginning of the review – this is one of Hallmark’s miniature ornaments.  As such, Nemo is small and will get quickly lost on a full-size tree.  Considering his size, the detail is great, however, and he looks perfect on the mini trees I’ve bought from Hallmark in the past.

I’m not sorry I bought Nemo, and I’ll enjoy hanging him on my mini trees each year.  I just wish the writing weren’t so obvious.

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