Saturday, January 25, 2020

January 25th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Batwoman – What?  What in the world is going on in that final scene?  Yes, it totally worked, I’m hooked, and I’ll be back next week to see what kind of alternative universe we are in now.  Having said that, the rest of the episode was fairly predictable, and Alice continues to be by far the best part of the show.  There were a couple of references to crisis, but not too much, which doesn’t surprise me given the nature of this show’s first season.  Most of the others seemed to be setting up seasons before and after crisis while this one wasn’t.

Supergirl – And speaking of crisis related fall out, this show had a lot of that to deal with.  I mean, Lex as everyone’s hero?  Wow, we’ve got so much stuff that is going to be going on in the next few episodes.  I can’t wait to see where they are going with these storylines.  I am glad that they restored Lena’s memories so that story will continue.  Although now that she is being manipulated by her brother and mother, I feel for her again.  Brainy working with Lex?  How can that be true?  There is just so much going on right now.  Then there’s the fact that if we have used Lex as a villain here, who will Superman be fighting when he gets his own spin off next year?

Arrow – As you know, I’ve never been on board with the 2040 flashforwards – mostly because they presented such a bleak future.  I’ve got to say, I am very intrigued.  If they don’t give us at least a limited series to show us how those cliffhangers play out, I’m going to be upset.  I need to know where this is all leading.

Legends of Tomorrow – I couldn’t remember who the new guy was.  Thanks to the ending, I’m all caught up again.  Seriously, I couldn’t remember where we left the show.  Looks like we’ve set up quite a few fun things for this season.  I hope they can pay them off.  Although can we not drink anything else nasty this season?  Please?  This wasn’t the best episode of the series.  It had some great moments, like the panel after the showing of their documentary.  However, overall, I felt like it was more amused by itself than I was.

The Good Place – That was a great way to end the series.  And we still have another episode to go?  I’m wondering if we are going to end the series with the characters walking through that final door.  I hope not.  If so, it will be a major downer.  Still, this episode had some very funny moments.  Plus it gave us Lisa Kudrow!  How awesome is that?

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