Saturday, August 14, 2021

August 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

How can you tell the Olympics are over?  Look at this massive list of TV that was back on.  And there might be a couple of new shows on the list as well.

Family Game Fight (Sunday) – Yes, I’m watching because of Kristen Bell, but that was a lot of fun.  I spotted Ellen DeGeneres’s name as a producer, and I can definitely see it.  Many of these would fit in her Game of Games show.  I will be back for more.

Legends of Tomorrow – We are back with another wonderful wacky episode.  Classic wild and crazy plot, but I love how everything came together and made sense in the end.  Sorry to see all those planets that don’t exist anymore.  Maybe they can restore them, too, before they take off?

American Ninja Warrior – They went against their typical editing for a change.  That first woman to go went far.  I’m was super impressed.  Loved the guy who caught the right with his foot, too.  I always feel so relieved when Joe Moravsky hits the buzzer.  I had sweaty hands and feet when he hit the course tonight.  And he has the safety pass, too!

LegoMasters – Never share your plans for the prize money, especially if it is something inspiring like adopting children.  That’s a sure sign you are going to be eliminated in that episode.  (The fact that the interview might have been recorded before the competition started and then edited into this episode is irrelevant.)  It’s hard to argue with them being eliminated, however, when they were the only ones to have their build break under 30 miles an hour.  I’m always impressed with how well some of those teams do.  I know mine would fall apart easily, but some teams make it to 60.  Impressive.

Stargirl – I’m excited the show is back, but I wish we’d had a bit of a running start on who all the characters are again.  I need it.  Still, I enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to seeing where they are going to go this season.  So many plot threads set in motion.  Got to wonder what kind of principal announces someone has to go to summer school the day before it starts however.  Logic part of the brain was bothered by that.

Superman and Lois – Have I mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE this show?  Seriously!  They up the stakes every week.  Just went I can’t see how they can top stuff, they do it again.  That cliffhanger with Jordan?  I can’t wait to see what they do about that.  Yet the characters are so real we truly do feel for them.  This is an amazing piece of work.

Monsters at Work - Adorable!  I’m so happy we got him back.  To be honest, I’d kind of forgotten about him.  Doesn’t that make me a bad fan?  But it is nice to see them resolving that little side part of the original movie.  Tylor’s behavior didn’t surprise me in the end, but I still liked that as well.  And we didn’t see as much of the annoying monster!

What If… - Given the results of Loki, I’m wondering if these episodes will actually be part of anything major or just fun little side trips.  That’s what this first one was.  I’ll admit it’s been years since I watched the first Captain America movie, but I feel like it followed that plot pretty closely overall.  No real changes I could see.  Still, it was fun.

Press Your Luck – Once again, a winner who did amazing in the early game was Whammied out of the bonus round.  I knew she was going to lose when she went back that one more round.  But I get it, it’s hard to walk away from the prizes they were offering.  I’d probably do the same.

Family Game Fight (Wednesday) – I like this show so much.  It’s just light and fun.  Dax and Kristen are having fun up there, too.  Based on the first game, I thought the Military Moms would run away with it, but it was close, and the guys were so impressive in the final game.

Holey Moley – The women were pretty dominant this week.  I think I’d have a blast on the show.  I’d do horribly at it, but I’d have a blast trying.  Except for how cold it is.  If they filmed that in the summer, I do it.  But they film it in the winter, and all I can think while watching is how cold they all must be.

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