Saturday, August 21, 2021

August 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Legends of Tomorrow – I see we are doing the magic as addiction storyline again.  I don’t think we’ve done it on Legends before, but I’ve definitely seen it before for sure.  I hope they bring something new to it.  The episode was advertised as a bit of a nod to Clue, but outside of the rooms, I don’t really see it.  Still, it was fun, and I like how they brought back some of the characters from the first half of the season.  Definitely interested to see where they go with them.  I had to laugh at Ava’s line about inviting Barry and Iris to the wedding.  She’s completely right, which is what made it so much funnier.

American Ninja Warrior – It always worries me when a favorite goes first, but once again they pleasantly surprised me.  Sean got very banged up, but he finished!  And the two teens on the Power Tower at the end were wonderful.  I wasn’t that surprised on who won, but it was very close.

Lego Masters – I wasn’t surprised by the team who left.  The editing gave it away again as they shared their interview early on about how much they were enjoying working together at this.  Again, the judges nailed it.  The teams that they pick are usually ones I’m impressed with as well.  Mind you, I’m impressed to a certain extent with all of them.  As I keep saying, there’s no way I could do any of that.

Stargirl – I hope Courtney really has matured this time.  I get that she is a teenager, but she is extremely selfish, and it is wearing on me already this season.  She had reasons to be suspicious of the new Green Lantern.  I get it.  But even so, she was over the top.  I knew it wasn’t going to end well for the villain’s step-mother when she started hearing voices, much less voices that were trying to get her to kill such a powerful being.  Even is she succeeded, the voice would have taken over.

Superman and Lois – That was everything I was expecting it to be.  Explosive action, lots of suspense and drama, and then a happy epilogue that leaves us with smiles on our faces.  Now, we need season 2 to get here soon to find out what happens next.

Monsters at Work – I’m definitely noticing a formula to the episodes.  The adult in me wishing that Tylor would remember his lessons from week to week, but I’m still having fun with the stories.  Still finding Mike’s comedy school the best parts of the episode, but it’s a nice way to spend 30 minutes.

What If…? – I had more fun with this one.  I probably missed a bunch of nods to things, but it felt like an original story and not just a gender swapped retread.

Press Your Luck – The Whammies were sure out in force in the first half.  I was happy to see who won, however, after she got nothing but a Whammy in the first round with her one spin.  What a great come back.  Elizabeth shouldn’t have brought up the Whammies in the bonus round.  I knew she’d hit one as soon as that happened.  But that’s the only one she hit, and she got quite a bit of prizes out of the episode – more than we’ve seen recently.

Family Game Fight – There are some fruits I don’t like, so I get that.  But I had to laugh about bananas being the one she ate at the beginning since I eat one for breakfast every morning.  It was looking very lopsided there for a bit, but the other team made it interesting before they lost, which I was glad to see.

Holey Moley – They blew it.  They have fiances, but they didn’t put both of them on the Down the Aisle hole.  Yes, I know they did that when they first introduced it.  Yes, I know one of them played it.  But still, they should have done it again.  I wonder what the deal was with the people who weren’t related.  There were some amazing puts in this episode – good and bad both.

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