Sunday, August 15, 2021

Disney Pin Review: Tell a Joke Day - Celebrate Today #8 - 2020 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Mike and jokes are a perfect match
Cons: That’s a joke, right?
The Bottom Line:
Day to tell a joke
Mike wants to make us all laugh
Date, character match

Did You Hear the One About the Monster Who Became a Stand-Up Comic?

The pins I have enjoyed most from the Celebrate Today pin series are the pins where they picked a date that naturally highlights one particular movie or character.  That was certainly the case with August’s pick since they chose National Tell a Joke Day.

The day is celebrated August 16th each year, and it’s a day to make people laugh by telling them jokes.  Whatever kind of joke you’d like to tell.  Being the punny guy that I am, I’m sure I’d have everyone groaning with puns.

If I didn’t already have a picture with this review, I’m sure you could guess who they chose for this pin.  That’s right, it’s Mike Wazowski.  The pin has a pin on pin technique.  The back layer is a bunch of blue “Ha’s” on a black background.  Raised slightly from this background, we have Mike standing on a stool with a microphone in his hand grinning at us, enjoying us laughing at his joke.  Down at the bottom is National Tell a Joke Day and on the right there’s a square with the date of Aug 16.

It’s simple, as all the pins in this series are, but it doesn’t need to be any more complicated.  I love that they chose this day and Mike because they go together perfect.  Okay, so Monsters, Inc. might be one of my favorite movies, so that also helps make this pin more special for me.

You’ve got some time to come up with a great joke to tell this year since we are officially celebrating today.  So, get some laughs ready and be reminded to tell jokes each year with this fun pin.

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